Table manners for kids

August 242011

Table manners

It’s really important to learn table manners. But who said that it can’t be fun. I was happy to read the following article on Parenthacks:

I have searched, and nagged, and complained at my children to have good manners at the table.  But it usually turned into a burping-tickling-kicking-falling off the chair-frenzy in which very little food made it into their mouths.

Then I visited my sister and brother in law who have children about the same age as mine.  At mealtime all the children asked — begged, almost — to practice their manners. Baffled, I watched as the following events unfolded:

In front of each child, three small candies were placed on the table.  If the child made it through the whole meal with good manners he got all three candies. Everyone sitting around the table got to try to “catch”  the others practicing bad manners.

When you eat out you often see parents struggling with their kids because they don’t have any table manners. The good news is that you can always teach them how to behave when the family has a meal together.

If you read the rest of the article you can find out how you do that. Table manners for kids >>

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