Ways to save on disposable diapers

October 172012

Baby in Diaper

 I have a baby boy and as a new mom I have to buy awful lot of diapers and of course every mom wants to save money on them because they cost a fortune. Babies need also baby wipes, diaper creams because we have to keep our baby’s bottom clean and dry.  My favourite site – babble.com – gave me some great money saving tips:

Buying in bulk: The diapers we use are not available at the big warehouse stores, but someday when he’s a little bigger and his skin hopefully toughens up a bit, that’s going to be a big money saver. Definitely check if your diapers and wipes are carried in bulk, it seems expensive but it’s cost saving in the long run.

Shop around: Unless your stores are so far apart that the cost of gas is going to make it not worth it, check a couple different stores in your area. I’ve found that Target sells our diapers a few dollars cheaper than Babies R Us does, though they don’t sell them in as big a package. Doing the math makes Babies R Us diapers slightly more reasonably priced, but I’m always watching for sales at Target, Walmart and other local stores.

If you want to get more tips on how to save money on disposable diapers then you can check this out:


Check out the comments too because they also give you some great tips.

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Raising Kids on a Budget

May 22012

Guest Post: This article was written by Ella Davidson of Coupons.org. www.Coupons.org strives to provide consumers with the best savings options and information. Their work has appeared on notable financial news channel, CNBC.

There may be no challenge more difficult or more frequently experienced than raising a child on a tight budget. As insurmountable as the task may sometimes seem, families have been finding a way to give their children the good life without breaking the bank since the dawn of recorded history. There are as many ways to raise a child as there are children, but at the end of the day, the secret to raising a child comfortably without going into debt is cutting costs without cutting essentials and finding good substitutes for the products and necessities that cost parents a lot of money.

One perfect example of this philosophy is baby food. So called “Premium” baby foods, like those made by Gerber or Carnation Baby, may come premade, but compared to the price of the actual ingredients, store bought baby food costs a fortune. Using a simple blender and household foods like bananas, apples, peaches and carrots, parents looking to save a buck while providing their children food with fewer preservatives and chemicals can go the homemade route. Parents not satisfied with a regular blender can also invest in inexpensive equipment like a hand-turned food mill.

Similarly, parents willing to trade a little elbow grease for a lot of money can use cloth diapers instead of Pampers or Huggies. Sure, there’s money spent on washing and drying and effort put into dealing with diapers, but the sheer number of diapers thrown away by parents who buy their diapers in a store really adds up, and quickly. Babies aren’t going to remember whether they wore brand name diapers when they’re grown up, and will likely appreciate having a little extra money lying around for when they’re older.

Another easy way to save a bundle without sacrificing quality when raising kids on a budget is by buying clothing second hand whenever possible. Some people associate a negative stigma with second hand clothing, but in reality, children grow so quickly and put their clothes through such incredible wear and tear that getting clothes at thrift stores, yard sales, and even from relatives or friends as hand me downs just makes good sense. Since so many small children either grow out of clothes, are given non-returnable clothes that they don’t like or don’t fit them, or are just plain picky, thrift stores and yard sales alike are filled with practically (and sometimes literally) untouched and unworn brand name clothing for kids. A cursory glance at the shelves of many thrift stores would be enough to find some clothing with original tags still intact!

Perhaps the most important way that parents can provide their children with a good life without breaking the bank is by finding creative and sensitive ways to instill a sense of value and money in their children at an early age. Anything from a chart of chores and rewards to a simple regular allowance can help kids understand that everything has a value, and that things like clothes, food and toys don’t come for free. Taking steps to establish a sense of value and cost in children serves dual purposes: for one thing, children raised in a household where money is tight come to understand and subsequently not mind the fact that they can’t have literally everything they ever want when they want it. Furthermore, children who understand costs are more likely to grow up to be frugal, intelligent consumers as adults.

While raising kids is never exactly easy, doing so with a tight budget can be especially hard. By taking steps to be creative and frugal, parents can raise children who are happy, healthy, and responsible. Not a bad start.

Sources: http://www.babycenter.com/0_how-to-make-your-own-baby-food_1401482.bc

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Food on the table coupon code – April

April 242012

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Free diaper bag patterns

August 112011

If you are a crafty mom then you will like this post :) To be on the frugal side you can save money on expensive diaper bags too. You can make them yourself. They will be more original than anything else that you can buy in the shop.

I came across these great diaper bag patterns on tipnut.com and I just love them. They are really cool and they are 100% free too.

This is one of them:


I like this one too:


To get the free diaper bag patterns, please visit tipnut.com

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How to teach kids to manage money

May 252011

Kids love amusement park and gifts shops so when you plan your amusement trip next time keep the following  tips in mind. Thanks to Paula I learned how to do it, please read her story below:

A few years ago, we decided to designate a certain amount of money for special purchases whenever our family went to an amusement park.  We figured out what we could afford ($25, but $15 would have been more than enough) and then told our children, then 5 and 8, how much they were allowed to spend.  We told them the money was theirs.

You can imagine their beaming faces as they suddenly received free money. We, the parents, became the money carriers, but allowed the kids to spend as they desired. It could be used for toys or candy or extra drinks, it was their decision.

It was very interesting to watch them as we travelled the park.  They’d say, “I want this or I want that” and we’d respond by letting them know how much of their money it would use up.  We also occasionally informed them that it was more than they could afford.  What a relief to see them decide whether it was truly worth it to invest in the stuffed Shamu if that meant they couldn’t have a frozen lemonade later.  They  took more responsibility in their choices and truly appreciated and reused whatever they purchased.  No more blinking lights which cost $7 tossed into the garbage the following day.  It makes my cheap parental heart leap for joy.

This is a good way to teach kids how to manage money, how to assess value and how to understand scarcity. It also helps to extend the pleasure of shopping.

children managing money

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