Best 5 free baby coupons

April 152013

This is my recommendation of the best 5 free baby coupons:

1. Free baby coupons from Everyday Family Highly recommended
Free baby coupons
This is the number 1 site for free baby coupons. When you register you receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, weekly coupon alerts and offers too.

You will also have access to free baby coupons, free baby samples and more. Apply here for Free membership >>

2. Win $1500 woth of DiapersHighly recommended

<a href=””
title=”Free baby diapers for 1 year”><img
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3. Free baby foodRecommended

Free Year supply of baby food

Get Gerber Baby Food for free for a whole year. You just have to answer 4 very simple questions to see if you qualify for the free year supply of baby food. Get free Gerber baby food>>

4. WomanFreebies coupons and samples

Join to get free samples, coupons and other useful freebies which are specially picked for women and for moms.
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5.  Get 1 year supply of Baby Formula FreeRecommended

Want a $1,000 Worth of Formula? Then enter your email address and hit the Continue button.

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Free baby samples for new moms – how to get some free stuff in the mail every week

July 102012

Do you also want to get some free stuff in the mail every week? If your answer is yes then keep reading this post because we’ll find out how to do it.

  1. First of all you have to look for samples online. There are great sites where you can find free baby samples and other freebies too.
  2. You will usually find links to third-party sites that offer free baby samples for new moms.
  3. Then you will find a form that you will have to fill out and give your:
    - name
    - address
    - email address
    - sometimes phone number too.
    It’s smart to set up a separate email account because you’ll receive many emails and you may want to keep these emails separated from your private ones. When you give your phone number be prepared that you may get telemarketing calls. There are different free samples where you don’t have to provide them with your phone number – it depends on you whether you want to share it with them or not.
  4. You just have to repeat this a couple of time and you’ll be amazed how much free stuff you’ll get in the mail. Sometimes it’s easier to use an auto-fill program because you can save some time with it.

Happy money saving!



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How to get free baby samples

May 292012

Image by

I’m actually an expecting moms and I’m a frugal one too so I always want to find some free baby samples. and ways to save money on different baby products. Baby products cost a lot of money – it’s a fact but there are always different tips and tricks on how to get some free and quality baby stuff.

Getting baby stuff is a great thing because you can try different baby stuff before you buy them. In this way you can save some money and you won’t end up with baby stuff that you don’t really need or don’t really want. Your baby will get everything he or she needs but only the best. Just one example: the money you can save on diapers you can spend on quality organic baby food. Doesn’t is sound great?

Always get in touch with family and friends who have kids because almost every family has some baby stuff that they don’t need any more. They may be used clothes but a baby doesn’t really wear out baby clothes. They also have baby furniture, baby gear or baby toys that can be useful for you.

The best advice I can give is to contact big brand baby companies that give away free baby samples. These companies want you to try their products so you’ll buy them in the future. Fotunately you don’t have to buy anything you can just try their stuff. Just imagine that you buy a can of baby formula for 25dollar and it doesn’t fit your baby. Try as many baby products as possible then you can choose which one suits your baby best.

The other tip I can give is to sign up with different baby programs i.e. Baby to Bee. Once you sign up with them you can get free baby samples, free baby diapers, baby formula, baby magazines and many more free baby stuff. Believe me you’ll end up with loads of baby stuff with no cost. They will send you great samples by mail but you’ll also get emails that usually contains very useful information on how to care for your baby, how to save money, how to make baby food and so on. Signing up is completely free so it won’t cost you a dime.

Why not to take advante of these great opportunities. You just have to know where to look and you’ll save some serious money on different baby products.

Happy money saving!

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Free baby samples

April 42011

Fortunately there are many and very useful free baby samples are available for expecting moms and for new moms as well. You can get them for free and you can save a lot of money with them.

Here are the 3 most popular free baby samples:

  1. Free baby samples during pregnancy: not only new moms can enjoy free samples but expecting moms too.  During your pregnancy you can get free pregnancy guide, free nutrition and prenatal fitness advice, free pregnancy calendar and even free educational program for first time moms and dads.
  2. Free baby samples for new moms: Free baby samples are probably the most useful after you gave birth to your baby. Having a baby is expensive and in these cash-strapped times new moms have to keep an eye on every penny they spend. Free baby samples for new moms are great because you can save money on baby formula, on diapers or even baby magazine subscription – and much more of course.
  3. Free baby samples formula: I think baby formula samples and coupons are very important because healthy babies need good and nutritious formula. Fortunately you can also get them as samples from the big manufactures. They usually send you 2 cans of baby formula by mail which is pretty good.

Try these free samples and you can save money on baby products. Remember every penny counts!

By clicking the banner below you will get access to hundreds of great free baby samples. Don’t waste your time, get started today >>

Free baby samples during pregnancy

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Baby products guide

July 302010

When you are a new mum it is not easy to find the right products. You want the best for your little baby. Here is a short guide to buying the most suitable baby products.
1.  Baby formula

One of the most important thing is to feed your little baby. There is breastfeeding and there are different baby formulas as well. It is important to buy a quality breast pump, a couple of baby bottles and baby formula too. The average price of a can baby formula varies between 10 or 15 dollars so it is smart to collect free baby coupons and baby formula coupons.
2. Baby gear

When you are a first time parent you have to make a list of baby gear requirements like baby furniture, toys, books, bedding needs. Think smart because you don’t always have to buy the most expensive baby stuff. You probably have friends or family with unwanted baby furniture or toys. They will be happy to donate them for your little baby.

3. Baby clothing

Baby clothing plays a really important part in baby’s life too. The skin of a newborn is very sensitive so try to find quality fabrics. You don’t hve to buy a lot of baby cloth, prepare a list of the items your baby really needs. Don’t go over the top because your baby grows very quickly and they won’t fit them.

4. Diapers

Diapers are part of a baby’s life. They are pretty expensive though. Buy smart and choose comfortable diapers that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. The big brand companies can offer you free diapers just sign up for their newsletters. You can save a lot of money with the help of them.

Shopping for your baby is a really exciting experience, enjoy every minute. Think smart and plan ahead. You’ll be fine!

Baby product guide

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How mums can get free baby coupons!

July 282010

We all know that raising a child nowadays can be very expensive. When a new mum gives birth she has to keep an eye on every penny she spends. So here is the solution that helps new mums to save some money on baby food, on baby diapers and on baby formula.

Start to collect free baby coupons from the big manufacturers like Pampers, Enfamil or Huggies. They do offer free baby coupons online, you don’t have to do anything else just to sign up for their mailing lists. You can always have a separate email account to handle these subscriptions.

Free baby coupons

You can also get free baby coupons by mail and this can be really handy too, you will get them by post and you can start to use them straight away. You will be amazed how much money you can actually save on basically everything from baby diapers to baby formula.

There are a lot of baby clubs out there, the above mentioned companies do have online baby clubs for new mums. You can become a member very easily, it only takes a few minutes to sign up. As a baby club member you will get special baby gifts like baby photo albums or memory keepsake books, even free baby products in the mail. They also email you information caring for a newborn baby.

Free baby coupons, free baby gifts and baby formula coupons are out there, you just have to be aware of them. Collect them and save money easily. I am sure you will be surprised how much money you can save. Just try them.

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Great coupons for babies from a great site

June 142010

Mercedes posted a great article about coupons

She says that:

These new deals make use of the Target coupons released yesterday and new insert coupons.

I will definitely check them out.

Thank you Mercedes for sharing it with the world!

Free baby coupons

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How can I get free diapers?

June 32010

This is a really common question because everybodyknows that they are pretty expensive and most of us want some free diapers for our babies.

So how can you get free diapers? The answer is really simple. There are good and relaible websites that offer you free diapers. You can get your hands on the best brands of diapers for a year and all you have to do is to fill out a 5 min survey. That’s not a bad deal?

Just imagine that you can get rid of your diaper bill for a whole year, I think it sounds pretty awesome. I made a quick calculation and figured out that if your baby is changed in every 4 hours that means 6 changings a day and that 2.190 diapers a year!! That’s an awful lot of diapers. And this can be even more because in a baby’s first year the new parents usually buy an avarage of 2788 diapers for a total cost of $558. This price is based on an avarage price of 20cents per disposable diaper. That is a lot of money and these are just only the diapers. I haven’t calculated the cost of the baby food, baby clothing and the list is endless…

Just think about how much money you can save if you can get rid of the diaper bill for a whole year. I know it’s a lot.

If I were you I wouldn’t hesitate one second. I also know that most of us are afraid of the junk emails that we are getting every day but not every company like that. Believe me.

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Where to find business opportunities for moms?

June 22010

It’s not easy to find business opportunities for moms. I did a bit of research on the internet and I found a couple of good ideas but this one actually is really good.

Let me share it with you.

First of all let me tell you my story. I always wanted to work from home and to be my own boss. When you have a kid, you want to spend quality time with him/her so why not set up a business. I’m not saying that WAHM’s life is pure pleasure and you get rich overnight but you can achive a better work-life balance plus you can earn money working from home.

The great thing about this opportunity that you don’t have to leave your kids at home because you can work from home. I think this is amazing.

This opportunity unfortunately isn’t available anymore but please sign up for my newsletter where you will get free coupons and useful money saving tips:

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Baby flash cards – free download of baby math flash cards

November 82009

Free .pdf of these cards can be downloaded from Baby flash cards sample showing number dots, from numbers 10 to 30 (20 cards). The voice-over here is missing from these samples, but is in the DVD from in the baby math flash cards section of the DVDs.

Duration : 0:1:39

Read the rest of this entry »

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