Funny quotes for expecting moms

October 132011


This is really funny. I’ve just came across these funny quotes – My OB-GYN said what?. It’s on

Just a couple of funny quotes, you can read the rest on the site:

“Well, you still don’t look pregnant, but your butt does.”

“Hi my name is Dr. payne.”

“You”ll blow up like a marshmallow later in your pregnancy.”

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The best pregnancy blogs – top 50

September 12011

I was delighted when I read about the top 50 pregnancy blogs in the Internet. There are so many moms around the world who share their unique experience with the world. They are fun to read and you can learn a lot from them – even if you aren’t a mom yet.

Check out the top 50 pregnancy blogs on my favorite site (

pregnant-chicken blog

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