Baby’s first Christmas

December 192012

baby's first christmas bokeh

We celebrate the very first Christmas with our baby. He’s 7 month and it will be a very precious moment for us he won’t remember a thing :) but we’ll take plenty of pictures so he can see how we celebrated it.  We’ve bought a couple of toys for him but we’d like to concentrate on choosing our Christmas tradition. I think it’s pretty important. I read about it on

Do you love how your family always throws a kitschy Christmas sweater party, or how your husband’s spends Christmas Eve playing board games? Now you have your own little family, and you can hand-pick the traditions that you like best to form your own set.

It’s also good time to start our own family tradition, why not? We need to start somewhere:

As much as you’ll be influenced by how you grew up, it’s also fun to come up with something that’s all your own. Make it a ritual to read the same special holiday book each year, watch retro holiday specials like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or be inspired by our favorite traditions from readers.

I love Christmas ornaments, they so cute. I usually prefer the unique ones. I have these tiny Christmas ornaments and I really adore them:

Ornaments are all about the memories associated with them, and this first Christmas is a biggie. So commemorate it with a sweet ornament you’ll love pulling out year after year. Create a photo ornament with your fave snapshot of the year, or personalize one with baby’s name.

We take hundreds of photos of our son, we love every moment we can spend with him. He loves it when we take a picture of him. These pictures will be our precious memories:

You may not realize it, but your babe’s at an ideal age to get some great snaps. She can’t run out of the frame, and although it might be hard to get her into it, she can’t pull off that sweet holiday outfit you bought for her. Shoot when you get as much natural light as possible, and use your tree or stocking-filled mantel as a background. Be sure to take a lot of photos to get just the right shot.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you’ll join me in 2013 too :)


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Baby milestones

December 122012

Moms are usually concerned what their baby will do when. It’s actually not a competition and babies are different. My seven-month-old can crawl however it’s not perfect but we’re getting there, he smiles a lot, he sleeps through the night (thanks god). He rolls over and sits unsupported but he can’t sit up on his own yet.

It’s so fascinating to see how he develops day-by-day. I just love it. I read about baby milestones on thebump site and I want to share with you.

We know, we know: Every kid hits milestones at his own pace — so, no, you shouldn’t freak out if yours doesn’t follow this guide to a tee. But it might be worth a talk with the doc if you’re worried or if baby misses a few biggies. “If it’s just one milestone that your child is a little behind on, mention it to your pediatrician,” says Tanya R. Altmann, MD, author of Mommy Calls(American Academy of Pediatrics, 2008). “But chances are, everything’s probably fine. However, if your child isn’t hitting multiple milestones across the board — not smiling and not rolling over, for example — then I would be a little more concerned.” Otherwise, be prepared for the following milestones to happen.

Sleeping Through the Night

When it’s likely to happen: Generally, after four months of age, an infant should be able to sleep at least six to eight hours straight without feeding, says Altmann. And by six months of age, they should be able to go at least 8 to 10 hours without a feeding.

How to encourage it: Let baby sleep! Slowly start extending the time between nighttime feedings until you get there. And don’t rush to pick up baby the moment she cries at night. She needs to learn that if she wakes in the night, she doesn’t need you to help her fall back asleep again.

What if baby misses the mark: If she’s not sleeping through the night by six to eight months, it might just be because you’re hitting the nursery too often at night, says Altmann, and you may want to consider backing off. But you may still want to mention it to your pediatrician — if baby keeps crying and can’t fall asleep, that can be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).


When it’s likely to happen: Baby should start crawling between six and nine months.

How to encourage it: Give baby plenty of tummy time and free playtime on the ground. “Get down on the ground with him and show him a bright-colored toy, move the toy a foot away from him and then coax him to move toward the object,” suggests Altmann.

What if baby misses the mark: Don’t stress — he may be right on track anyhow. “Many experts don’t consider crawling a milestone, because a lot of infants won’t crawl at all,” says Altmann. She usually tells parents her definition of crawling is simply the method baby uses to get from one place to another. He could be wriggling on his tummy, rolling, scooting — it doesn’t have to be the typical hand-and-knees crawl most parents visualize.

You can check out the rest here:


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Secondhand baby clothing – why are they so good

December 52012

I love secondhand baby clothes. I have my first child and I absolutely don’t mind buying secondhand clothes for the little one. Before he was born I was pretty snob and skeptical about it. To let my little angel to wear hand-me-downs, no way.

But many things had been changed since he was born. My mother-in-law has a really good eye for secondhand children clothing.  She started to buy us secondhand baby clothes and Fisher price stuff too. She found amazing stuff and they were all of good quality. Little smart jeans and trousers, cool tees etc. I really love them. She changed my mind about secondhand clothing in general. Why to buy way to expensive baby clothes while you can spend your money on smarter and more useful things?

Everything costs a lot and you really don’t want to throw away your money. Now I visit thrift stores because they’re full of goodies. One of my friends who is much older than me also an expert thrift store shopper who taught me how to find quality clothing for my baby and for myself too. A completely new world has open to me and I love it.

Recently I came across an article written by Stacie Lewis: Is your baby too good for secondhand?  I really like her post and the comments as well. Here are a couple of example what moms think about secondhand children clothing:

No way, probably about half of my kids clothes are hand me downs. Kids grow so fast, I just can’t see spending that much on clothes. The other 1/4 is clothes bought for us as gifts from family members and the last 1/4 are clothes we have purchased. Even though my kids wear hand me downs I am still very picky about what they wear. I want them to look current and coordinated with no stains, etc.

Nope! I will admit that most of my older daughter’s clothing is bought new, but she is the first grand daughter in the family and I cannot stop the grandmas (and great aunts) from buying her clothing. I’ve tried! On the other hand, the younger daughter gets almost nothing but hand-me-downs. All of our baby furniture was either given to us second hand or bought off of Craigslist. Now that some of my friends are having little girls (all of their first born children are boys), I am happy to let them look through our baby stuff and take what they want. Better to share around than throw away so long as the clothing is not stained or torn.

I’m a kids consignment sale junkie, so most definitely not. It’s better for the environment and cheaper, so of course I’m all for used clothes. I also buy used clothes for myself, though I’m a bit pickier about what I wear. My kids stain up whatever they wear, so it really doesn’t matter if it comes pre-stained. Part of the reason I buy only used (or items on mega-sale) for my kids is so that I don’t worry about them being messy eaters or playing in the mud. I let my daughter play in the muddy sandbox in her 100% silk laura ashley party dress, because I got it on consignment for $8 and she loves it.

I’m all about consignment shops, outgrown sales and hand-me-downs. I’d rather save money to use on things like vacations or good quality food. But I am pretty picky about what I get or use from these places. If there are pills all over the item or it is faded beyond recognition, then I’m going to pass it up. But, like others have said, babies are in clothes for such a short time that they are sometimes barely worn second-hand! You can tell pretty easily just how worn clothing is AND sometimes at a consignment shop, you hit the jackpot and find something you like with the tags already on it! I just always make sure I wash everything before my family wears it. If it’s washed and looks to be in good condition, how is that different than using washed dishes at a restaurant that potentially thousands of other people have used before you?? I’m the same with previously used toys or books – if it still looks almost new, then I will take it home and wash it with no qualms about letting my family use it. Plus, it’s “green” to follow such practices.

I agree with these parents 100%, it’s really smart to use secondhand clothes, toys or books. It’s also good for the environment and this way we can also teach our kids that everything costs money and you don’t have to buy brand new stuff to feel good in them.

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