Free coupons no download

April 282011

Collecting coupons takes time although it’s really worth it because you can save serious money with them. There are plenty of site that will offer you free coupons and free baby coupons but it’s not easy to find a site where you don’t have to fill out surveys and where you don’t have to register.

PlanningFamily is one of them. You can really get no download coupons.

Tips when you start collecting free baby coupons:

  • Try to be flexible when it comes to brands. You may find brands that you didn’t know before.
  • Try to plan ahead. Lets say you have coupons for baby diapers, use them and don’t wait. You may have 3-week supply of them but you can save money with them when the coupons are valid.

Check out these great baby coupons – free coupons no download today. Please click on the banner below to get started:

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Grocery coupons to print no registration

April 272011

Many moms are looking for free grocery coupons to print. Most of the website ask you to register and complete a couple of surveys in order to get your free grocery coupons. However there are sites where you don’t have to register, you don’t have to purchase anything and you don’t have to fill out different forms either.

One of my favorite free grocery coupons to print site is There are different types of grocery coupons are available there:

  • Dinners and Sides
  • Snacks
  • Baby Care
  • Toys and Games
  • and many more free grocery coupons to print no registration.

How can you get grocery coupons?

It’s never been easier. You only need a printer to print them out and you can take them to the store when you do your shopping.

Print out your free grocery coupons no registration today, please click on the banner below to get started:

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Free baby stuff Canada

April 262011

Canadian Moms! Now you can save money with Free Baby Stuff Canada.

When you sign up you will receive samples, free baby stuff and coupons from the following well-known brands:

  • Nestle
  • Huggies
  • Enfamil
  • Disney
  • BabiesRUS
  • GoodNites
  • Pampers and many more.

There are 3 very easy steps to follow when you sign up:

  1. Just enter your name, e-mail address, birth year and postal code. Then click on the ‘Join now’ button. It’s 100% free to sign up.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail where you have to click on the confirmation link. By clicking the confirmation link you confirmed your free membership.
  3. Just check your e-mail and you will get great free baby samples, baby coupons and discounts for babies, children and for moms from Canada’s biggest brands!

Join Free Baby Stuff Canada today! Just click on the banner below and start collecting your free coupons and samples:

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Free stuff for toddlers

April 212011

There are always many free baby products that moms can get but where to get free stuff for toddlers. I came across this great site called FreeStuff4Kids where you can print out really cool coloring pages for toddlers.

They are 100% free and you won’t need anything else just a printer.

There are different categories you can choose from ie. Makeables. You can make plastic milk jug Easter Bunny basket or Easter footprint and handprint crafts with your toddler. They are fun and they are free to get them.

Free stuff for toddlers

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Free baby products

April 202011

Baby products can be rather expensive. When you make a list how much baby stuff you will need when your baby arrives: baby diapers, baby formula, toys, cribs … – the list is endless. Fortunately there is always a way to get free stuff for moms.

Lets see how you can collect free baby products:

  1. Ask your doctor
    Many pediatricians or obstetricians have free baby products but these samples may not bi given out to everybody so ask for them.
  2. Internet
    You can find many free baby products online. There are great baby related sites where you can sign up and you will get free baby samples, baby formula samples or even free diapers.
  3. Parenting and Pregnancy Magazines
    Parenting and pregnancy magazines are moms best friends. Why? Because you can join their mailing lists. In exchange you will get baby lotions, diapers, diaper bags, bottles and many more baby stuff.
  4. Baby product manufacturers
    Call baby products manufacturers. Many companies are happy to send you free baby products you just have to ask for them. Every manufacturer has a customer service line so give them a call.
  5. Ask family members and friends
    Ask your friends and family members who have older kids because they definitely have some outgrown baby clothes or unwanted toys. I’m sure they will help you out.
  6. Baby contests
    You can participate in contests where you can win free baby products ie. diapers, baby formula. It’s a long shot but it’s worth to try. You never know.

Free baby products

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Free stuff for moms – 3 tips

April 192011

Getting free stuff is a big help when you are an expecting mom or a new mom. Lets see what are your options.

  1. It’s always good to plan things. Sit down and grab a pen and paper and write down what kind of free stuff for moms you really need. Make a list because that can be very helpful.
  2. Diaper baby websites are always a really good source of finding free stuff for moms. The most famous ones are Huggies, Pampers and Luvs. You can only sign up for these sites once. You sign up and then you will get free baby diapers in every six weeks. Diapers are really expensive so it’s a big help when you are an expecting or a new mom. They usually mail new free baby samples too you can try them out for free.
  3. Baby formula is expensive and when you are a mom nursing is probably the best, healthiest and cheapest option to feed your baby. But if for any reason you can’t do that you can always get free baby formula samples too. The most popular baby formula sites are: Nestle, Enfamil, Similac. They will not only send you a small can of formula but diaper bag and baby formula coupons too. You can save some money on baby food too.

These tips will definitely will help you to save money on baby diapers and baby formula.

Free stuff for moms

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Free stuff for babies

April 142011

Purchasing clothes, toys, baby formula for your baby can be rather costly but there are always a couple of frugal tips that can help moms.  Try to follow the simple steps below and I’m 100% sure that you will get free stuff for babies

  1. Find free stuff for babies online: I especially like Planning Family which offers free baby coupons, free baby formula coupons and much more for babies.
  2. Ask your friends and family members whether they have unused baby clothes or toys. Many people have boxes of baby clothing and toys that only collect dust in the garage. Don’t be shy ask them!
  3. Baby sites can always help you. They have free stuff plus you an also get advice from them. There are many like-minded moms are on those sites.
  4. Charitable organizations, churches or the Salvation Army can also help moms when they are in need. You just have to ask them and they are happy to help.

You can always get some free baby stuff, just keep your eyes open and ask. It will save you a lot of money.

Please click on the banner below and start collecting free stuff for babies today:

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Baby food coupons

April 132011

Probably every mom knows the Gerber brand. They are famous for their healthy and nutritious baby food.


Start collecting Gerber baby food coupons today >>


Why do moms like Gerber baby food?

  1. Gerber baby food follows your baby’s development. They have baby food for every age: for newborns, for sitters, for crawlers and even for toddlers.
  2. They have a diverse selections of delicious baby food for example apple, carrot, sweet potato. There is also an organic version of baby food.
  3. They use 100% natural vegetables and fruits. There is no added salt, sugar, flavor or artificial color.
  4. Gerber make purees with DHA too (omega-3 fatty acid) which is very good for your baby’s brain development.


Get your Gerber baby food coupons today >>


How to collect baby food coupons?

It’s never been easier to get Gerber baby food coupons. Here are the steps to follow?

You have to give your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth Date
  • Gender
  • Baby’s due date or birth date

Then click on the ‘Join Now’ button.

You will get Gerber baby food coupons  - worth $147 PLUS  free coupons and offers that are worth more than $500!

Please click on the picture below to start collecting your Gerber Baby Food Coupons:

Baby food coupons

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Daily deals for moms

April 122011

You can save up to 90% on the hottest thing to do in your city.  Get great daily deals from your city in discovercard.

How you can avail these great daily deals?

  1. Choose your city.
  2. Select your interest:  food/drinks, fitness, beauty salons and spas or activities, then click on the Get Today’s Deal button.
  3. Enter your email address and click on the Get Today’s Deal button again.

It’s never been easier.  So moms if you live in Boston, NYC, San Diego, DC, Phoenix, Philly, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco or Austin –  start saving today by clicking on the banner below:

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Free baby samples for twins

April 72011

Last time I wrote about the most popular free baby samples 2011 but today we’ll check out free baby samples for twins.

Having a baby and raising a kid is quite an expense. Imagine when you have twins. It’s a great thing but it definitely pose a strain for your expenses. Don’t worry, manufacturers think about twins too.

You can always ask the manufacturers whether they have free samples for twins. They usually have and it’s not complicated to contact them at all. There is always a free toll number on every baby formula can and on every pack of diapers. Be creative and ask them.

Join twin moms forums because “moms know the best” and they are a wealth of information. Get in touch with them, ask them and  share your opinion about raising twins. I’m 100% sure that they will help you.

There are baby shops that for example offer you 2 baby products for the price of one. Check baby magazines, local papers and try to shop around. Don’t stick to the same store. Try different stores because they may have different promotions.

You’ll be surprised how much help and free samples for twins you can get. Start collecting free baby samples for twins today, please click on the banner below:

Free baby samples for twins

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