Great books for babies

September 292010

It is really important to introduce books for babies. You can find so many great books for infants and young toddlers too.

Most of them made of cloth, vinyl and durable cardboard so they will endure many hours of “reading”:)

What are the most popular books for babies.

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a classic children’s book. It’s available in board-book format. You can find questions about animals and colors that your child will soon be able to answer. They learn them very quickly.

  • Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

This is another great board book – especially fun for the toddler who is just learning to make animal and other sounds. It’s a Dr. Suess children’s book.

  • I see a cow

This baby board book has designs on a plastic surface on each page. The difference in textures is fascinating and it is also stimulatingto babies and toddlers.

  • Lamaze books

Lamaze books are always educational, durable and fun. They contain classic stories that babies love. They want their moms to read it again and again.

  • Pat the bunny

Pat the Bunny is antoher classic baby book that children will want to read over and over again. This book focuses on events and things that are very familiar to children of this age.

Books for babies

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Free baby stuff for expecting mothers

September 282010

When you are an expecting mom you don’t really know which products to choose. That is why good to try free baby stuff for expecting mothers.

If you are a mum from the UK please click on the banner below:

I know it is really hard to say no to those lovely baby stuff that boutiques offer you but when you are on a budget you have to be careful with your hard-earned money.

Consider the following – essential – baby products when you are an expecting mom.


Which diaper to choose – it is a hard thing. There are so many big brands out there. Free diaper coupons will help you. You can try a couple of different brands before you choose the one that your baby and you like. Think about that you will need at least two large packets of disposable diapers in every month, especially in the early days.

Baby formula – baby food

Baby formula plays a very important in a baby’s life. You want the best for your baby and I am sure you wish to choose the right kind of baby food for your baby. There are a couple of essential baby stuff that you will definitely need like

  • First of all bottles and bottle brushes
  • Feeding bras if you plan on breastfeeding

Baby clothes

We all love those cute baby clothes but you have to be careful with your money when it comes to baby clothes. Babies grow very quickly so you won’t need a lot of clothes; instead choose practical baby clothes that your baby really needs. It’s better to buy fancy and cute clothes when he or she gets older.

Nursery for your baby

I think this is the most exciting thing for expecting moms. You can choose the decor and the lovely baby furniture for the little one but try to be creative and spend some time to decorate it yourself.

Save money with free stuff for expecting mothers – they are really handy and useful when you are on budget.

Free baby stuff for expecting mothers

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Making gifts for your baby

September 242010

I have a favorite blog called Design Mom, she always has so many crafty ideas and beautiful pictures on her blog.

In her last blog post she explains how to make gifts, she says?

“When December hits, I go through the ideas with my kids and we a) use them, or b) take inspiration from them and come up with a new idea.”

Please check out her great blog post about Making Gifts:

Design Mom

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Freebies for mums

September 202010

Mums want the best for your babies. I am sure you agree with me on this. There are so many freebies for mums available you just have to find them. Trust me it is not hard to find great freebies for mums.

Where to find freebies for mums?

First of all you can find them online. Sometime you just have to type in the words to your prefered search engine and off you go. There are hundreds and thousands of webpages that will offer you freebies. Just a good advice: always be careful who you provide with your personal details with, you don’t have to be overcautious, just use your common sense.

You can get them mailed to you. Great freebies can be mailed to you. Most of the time you have to fill out a short survey or two to get them. But before you say it is a waste of time I have to tell you that it is not. You will get a couple of samples that you can use. They can be really handy and useful – especially in the early days when you don’t know which brand to choose. You can try them out – like diapers for your baby – and later you can decide which brand you go for.

Magazines can also contain great freebies and don’t forget about the Sunday paper because they have some special freebies for mums too. Just keep your eyes open. It’s worth it.

Happy money saving!

Win free baby diapers

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Coupons for babies

September 142010

I won’t tell you a secret when I tell you that the internet basically is full of coupons. You just have to know where to find them. It is not difficult at all. You can find everything online from coupons for babies to baby food coupons.

Let’s see what kinds of coupons are available for moms:

  • Baby diaper coupons

There is a wide range of baby coupons are available online. The most popular are the baby diaper coupons. Why? Because diapers are really expensive. You need a lot of them and supermarkets know that. You can’t really live without them. Especially in the early days new moms and dads use even more baby diapers than later. That is why smart to start collecting baby diaper coupons.

  • Baby food coupons

Baby food plays also an important part in a baby’s life. It has to be nutritious, wholesome and healthy. Of corse you can make your own baby food but when you travel or when you don’t have time to prepare it; you just want to open a jar of baby food. That is why baby food coupons are very handy. There are online and printable versions of them too. You can save a lot of money on baby food and on baby formula when you get your hands on them.

  • Nursery makeover coupons

These are great to because you may not have that much money to create the perfect nursery. Nursery makeover coupons can help you to create your dream nursery. You will also have the chance to win a 3500$ nursery makeover. I think it sounds pretty awesome. Because every mom wants the best for her little angle. :)

These coupons are the most popularcoupons for babies and for their moms. It is actually really easy to get them. You just sign up for the companies’ newsletters or you complete a short survey and you are the happy owner of these great coupons for babies.

Happy money saving!

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Baby food coupons

September 132010

As a mom you probably know that baby food cost a fortune nowadays. You don’t want to waste too much money on it but you want to provide your baby with nutritious and wholesome baby food. How can you save money on baby food? Well, you should start collecting baby food coupons.

There are different types of baby food coupons that are available for new moms.

1. Online baby food coupons

You can easily sign up for online baby food coupons on the internet. It takes you only a couple of minutes. They usually ask you for your name, address, email address and your baby’s birth date or due date. Sometimes you have to fill out a short survey and you will receive your online baby food coupons.

2. Printable baby food coupons

On the internet you will also find sites that will provide you with printable baby food coupons. You can apply for them in the same way – by giving your contact details – but the difference is that you can print out these great money saving baby food coupons and you can use them in the supermarket or grocery store. You only need a computer and printer, it’s really easy.

3. Baby food coupons by mail

Big companies can also mail baby food coupons to you so they are really handy because you don’t even have to print them out. You can start to use them straight away. There are also small booklets that contain hundreds of great coupons for example baby food coupons too.

These are the most common ways to get your hands on baby food coupons. They will definitely help you to save money and who doesn’t want to have some extra cash that you can spend on something nice for your baby?

Happy money saving!

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Free baby diapers

September 92010

As everybody knows diapers are pretty expensive nowadays. You usually have to spend a fortune on them. If you think about that you have to change your baby in every 4 hours that means 6 changings per day. Let’s make a quick calculation: 2.190 diapers a year!

OMG, that is a lot of diapers and so much money too. And if you are a new parent you spend even more on diapers because you change your baby more times at in the early days. In the baby’s first year new parents usually buy an avarage of 2788 diapers for a total cost of $558. (The price is based on an avarage price of 20cents per disposable diaper.) That’s a lot of money.

What’s the solution? Good news on this front. Big brands like Huggies or Pampers are giving away free baby diapers for moms.

Why? Because they want to make their diapers even more popular and it helps brand awareness too. It won’t cost them a fortune to send them out and you, as a mom, will be happy to becaue you can save some money on diapers.

So how to claim your free baby diapers?

  • CLICK HERE to win free baby diapers for a year $500 value
  • Fill out the form there
  • Click on the ‘Join now’ button and off you go

Happy money saving!

Win free baby diapers

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Free things to do in NYC

September 82010

Moms can have fun for free in NYC too. Where else but in New York can you take in a jazz recital in the morning, a movie or free yoga at the park and free theater in the evening without handing over a dime?

That’s the promise of which is devoted to sourcing the world’s greatest city for the best free events. You can find everything there.
From free Tai Chi classes to film screenings and book readings or salsa classes.

I think the beauty of the site is it lets you know what’s on the cards well in advance.

Lets see what are the pros of this site: (I couldn’t find any cons)

  • easy-to-read listings give a rundown of times
  • you find places and contact details easily
  • there’s a kids’ section where you can track down fun for your kids too; for example free créches if you need some child-free time for shopping

Club freeTime: free Culture and free entertainment in New York City! Click here...

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Money saving tips for moms – Tip5

September 22010

Have fun for free!

You may think that having fun for free is not possible. I have good news for you. There are actually different ways to have fun for free.

Let’s see the options:

  • Library: if you are a cash strapped mom you may find books very expensive. It’s time to visit the library. Joining the library is usually inexpensive or even free and you can loan great books, DVDs, CDs or even audiobooks for yourself and for your little angel too.  It’s also possible download music, videos, eBooks and eAudiobooks from the libraries’ website.
  • Free museums: There are actually museum and galleries that you can visit for free. You can always take packed lunch with you so your kids will learn new things (maybe you too) and it won’t cost a penny. I’ve found a list of free museums in the U.S.
  • Farmer’s markets: You can have fun on a Saturday morning too. Farmer’s markets are held various places in town. Just check out your local paper and I’m sure you’ll find one. It’s good to visit them with your kids or friends. Most of the time they are even cheaper than the supermarket and the quality of the food and products are far better than there. I always buy delicious jams there. (I love the strawberry one:)) Even if you don’t buy anything you can have a chat with people there and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Board games: just try to get away from the TV and play bord games with your family. In every second week we get together with our friends and play games.  The most popular bord games are: Monopoly, Mah Jongg,  Scrabble, Beyblades, Backgammon, Risk, Battleship, Stratego etc.
  • Walk and run for free: When the weather is nice walk, jog or get on your bike. You don’t need to join an expensive gym to exercise. You can hike or swim too. Doesn’t matter what you do just try to do something, sweat a little bit – let’s say 3 times week. You don’t have to do it alone, your kids or friends can join you too. It’s so much fun!

Family fun for free

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