Free printable Pampers coupons

September 62011

Every mom knows that diaper prices are skyhigh but you don’t want to choose the very cheap one either because they may fall apart or leak. Many moms go for Pampers simply because they are quality diapers. Although it must be nice to get diapers for a discounted price or even for free. So how can you do that?

  • You can always visit Pampers webiste to get free printable coupons. They always have a mailing list that you can join so you can get diaper coupons in the mail as well.
  • Contact your local store and find out whether they accept diaper coupons from the Interner or only from sales papers.
  • Check big brand store websites too i.e Target or Walmart because they usually offer free printable Pampers coupons.
  • Visit your local drug store and local supermarket and ask for diaper coupons. Don’t be shy because all you have to do is to ask.
  • You can of course find free printable Pampers coupons online. You can participate in different sweapsteaks and get a free 1 year supply of diapers (participation required).

You can actually choose a brand apart from Pampers, you can get Huggies and Luvs too. You have to enter your email address and click on the Continue button. It’s really easy to participate. Please click on the banner below to get started.

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