Top 10 baby names of 2011

December 282011

What are the hottest and most popular baby names at the moment? Did Sophia and Aiden win as in last year?

Well, lets find out now:

Nr. 10 is Abigail

Nr. 9 is Emily

Nr. 8 is Madison

Nr. 7 is Chloe

Nr. 6 is Lily

Nr. 5 is Ava

Nr. 4 is Olivia

Nr. 3 is Isabella

Nr.2 is Emma

And the winner is …. Sophia!!


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Gerber baby food coupons – baby food stages

December 282011

Baby food stages can be confusing for lot of moms. There are 3 different stages and steps that you have to follow when you’re a new mom. Why is this confusion? Because each baby food company has uses different labels. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics there are 2 rules apply:

Always begin with stage 1 foods that are made for beginners. Don’t offer your baby toddler foods because  they usually contain chunks, only when he/she is an experienced eater try with toddler food.

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Baby food stages for 4-6 month babies:

  • Beech-Nut Naturals Stage 1
  • Earth’s Best 1st Beginner Foods
  • Gerber 1st Foods
  • Heinz Step 1 Beginner Foods

These baby food always include single ingredient foods i.e.: rice cereal, and pureed fruits and vegetables which are prefect for you baby.

Baby food stages for 7-8 month babies:

When your baby is 7-8 month old you can start with Stage 2 baby food which also contain single ingredient foods and a combination of strained food (not pureed).

  • Beech-Nut Naturals Stage 2 Apples & Bananas
  • Gerber 2nd Foods Garden Vegetables
  • Heinz Strained Vegetables
  • Earth’s Best Corn and Butternut Squash.
Baby food stages for 9-12 month babies:
When your baby is 9-12 month old you can introduce him/her to chunkier baby food that has more texture in it and this
also helps them how to chew.
  • Beech-Nut Naturals Stage 3 Chicken Lasagna
  • Gerber 3rd Foods Broccoli & Carrots with Cheese
  • Heinz Vegetables Beef & Spaghetti (Junior Foods)
  • Earth’s Best Chunky Orchard Fruit (Chunky Blend)
When your baby reaches the 1-2 years you can start with table food – basically the same food as your family is eating.
You can also continue to buy food at the store like:
  • Beech-Nut Naturals Table Time Peach Dices In White Grape Juice From Concentrate
  • Heinz Step 4 Toddler Cuisine Chicken & Stars with Vegetables & Gravy
This is only a guideline and does not apply for every single baby. Don’t forget that babies development can be different
and they reach certain stages in different time. If you are confused talk to your pediatrician.


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My baby doesn’t sleep – Help

December 212011

I’ve just read a very interesting article on about an American mom – Erica Knecht – who lives in Japan and her baby who doesn’t really stick to any sleeping pattern. She wrote about her exhausting experience:

From the very beginning, my daughter was a terrible sleeper. She was born in Japan, nine months after I followed my husband and his job to a coastal town in Southern Japan. Alert and hyper-sensitive, three-week-old Stella would lay in my arms, halfway to dozing, then pop open her eyes, fighting drowsiness with might and main. Until she was 14 months old, each night was punctuated by six, eight, or ten wakings. There was no daytime reprieve. Naps too, were short and unreliable, heralded by screaming and squirming as I lunged and paced, babe in arms, as far as my tiny Japanese bedroom would allow.

She basically tried everything but nothing helped. What do the Japanese do or what does Erica’s Swedish friend do when her baby is tired?

Lets check out from this very useful article:

Sleep experts? Not in my nursery >>

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Free baby stuff for expecting mothers

December 202011

Diaper cakes

6 tips on how to get free baby diapers

Diapers cost a fortune for expecting mothers. They’re really expensive but fortunately there are ways to save money on them.

Tip 1 – Free baby diapers from Huggies – Enjoy the Ride Reward program

When you buy Huggies diapers – or any other Huggies products – you can collect codes. When you have the codes then you have to enter them into the Huggies Rewards site. When you collected enough codes Huggies will send you free diapers, free Huggies products, gift cards, toys or even books for your baby.

Tip 2 – Pampers Gifts to Grow program

Pampers also offers free diapers for expecting mothers. You don’t have to do anything else just to buy Pampers diapers because these packages contain points for free diapers, for free baby food, for baby toys and for cool baby gear.

Tip 3 – Get free samples of diapers

Sample diaper packages usually only contain 1 or 2 diapers but they can be very useful to try them out. Try to collect sample packages and in this way you’ll get quite a few free baby diapers.

Tip 4 – Sign up with big diaper companies

Visit big diaper companies’ sites and you can sign up there as a member. They will not only send you free diapers but they’ll also provide you with free baby coupons to get some free diapers. You probably ask why they are doing it – because they want to convince you to buy their diapers later.

You can register with these big diaper companies:

  • Pampers
  • Huggies
  • Luvs
  • GoodNites

Tip 5 – Ask your doctor or hospital for free diapers

You local hospital or pediatrician can also help you to get free diapers for your baby. They usually have loads of diaper samples on hand. You can also sign up with certain special clubs that give out free baby stuff for expecting mothers.

Tip 6 – Use coupons and sales to get free diapers

Your local paper can be your good friend to find diaper coupons and your local store can also offer you some good deals. Try to combine your coupons with a great diaper sale at your local store and you’ll be able to get some very cheap diapers, sometimes you can even get them for free.

Keep these tips in mind and you can get some free stuff for your baby and you can also save money on those expensive diapers.

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Safe drinks for pregnant women – non-alcoholic holiday cocktails

December 152011


When you’re pregnant you can’t really drink and you might miss your usual holiday cocktails but as usual there’s a solution for everything.

There are great holiday cocktails recipes for pregnant moms – non-alcoholic of course.

You can try delicious mulled pomegranate juice or cranberry coconut water faux-jito or hot butter unrum :)

They are fun and easy to prepare, check out the recipes below:

Safe drinks for holiday for pregnant women >>

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Christmas ideas for parents

December 142011


My favorite site – Parenthacks – has collected many great Christmas ideas for parents. They are useful, as usual, and moms and dads can even save money with them.

You can learn:

  • how to use baby’s first Christmas blankets as Christmas tree skirt
  • how to use baby shoes as Christmas ornaments
  • how to let Santa take away old toys on Christmas Eve
  • how to wrap each child’s Christmas gift in different paper
  • and many more Christmas ideas

To check them out please click on the following link:

Christmas ideas for parents >>

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Diapering guide

December 82011

New moms have to learn about diapering. It’s basically part of parenthood and I’m sure will spend quite a lot of time by mastering this “art” :) has an awesome diapering guide for new moms which covers the most important knowledge you have to know when you have a newborn ie. :

  • Diapering tips and tricks
  • How to save money on diapers
  • Diaper bag checklist
  • Cloth diapers vs. disposable
  • and many more

As writes:

Diapering is an expected part of parenthood, yet it’s still surprisingly complex. We study, analyze and discuss diaper contents as if it’s a perfectly normal and not at all disgusting topic of conversation; we regularly handle human feces and are sprayed with our newborn boy’s urine; and we’re faced with dozens of diapering options that are defended as fiercely as breast vs. bottle. And let’s not forget the obscene amount of money we spend along the way.

Check out these important guide which – I think – is a must-read for all expecting and new moms:

Diapering guide for moms >>


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December 62011 offers great free coupons and freebies for frugal moms (and dads too). You can join for free and you’ll get exclusive members only offers from big brands like:

  • Overstock
  • Jcpenny
  • Disney
  • AARP
  • and many more big brand companies.

What do you have to do next just click on the following link or banner below then fill out the form where you have to enter your name, address, telephone, email address and date of birth then you have to click on the “Continue” button.

Get started today – join Bestnetfreebies for FREE >>

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Best parenting listservs for moms

December 12011

When you are a moms – especially a new moms – you need all the advice you can get. You have far too many question regarding raising your baby, finding inexpensive baby clothes or good baby food. Where will you get your answers? Listservs provide great way to get in touch with fellow moms and discuss your problem. These are dedicated mailing lists that you can join for free and get the information you need.

How listservs can help you?

No matter how many books and tips expecting parents may read, nothing fully prepares a new mom or dad for the reality of parenthood. Parenthood is wonderful, but it is also tough — full of long nights, lonely days, and lots of questions. From figuring out which pediatrician to choose to how to find the best place to consign your kids’ out-grown clothes, parents need a network. Parenting listservs not only offer help and advice, but they provide moms and dads with an instant community. collected the top 30 parenting listservs for busy moms. You an check them out now:

Top 30 parenting listservs


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