Separation Anxiety in Moms

February 102011

I read a great article – written by Heather Turgeon on –  about separation anxiety in moms.

It’s not easy to cope with it, you spend every time with your baby and when you have to get away from her/him it makes you very uncomfortable.

Heather writes:

We know separation anxiety is a natural part of development for babies and kids, but they aren’t the only ones who feel uncomfortable when mom or dad leaves; most parents feel some anxiety about saying goodbye, too. It can be especially intense in the first year, when we worry so much about safety, feeding, sleeping and so on, and sometimes even more so for a stay-at-home parent (for whom breaks are the exception). But it’s also a fixture in some form or another for most parents, even as the years go on.

She also shared a couple of great tips with us how to cope with it. The first tip that she gives us that we have to allow ourselves to be anxious. That’s normal because of the strong bond that we have with our children.

Click here to read more tips on separation anxiety in moms

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Photo: Flickr – Scott Kinmartin

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