Clip n print coupons

July 262011

Clip n print coupons will help you to save money on big brands. These coupons will save your family cash.

They are 100% free, you can print them out and take them with you when you go to the grocery store.

To get started please click on the banner below,  enter your Email Address and Zip Code then hit the “Enter” button.

It’s really easy and you can start saving money straight away.

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It only takes ONE mom

July 252011

Support these 10 moms who travel to Kenya this week. What is ONE week?

“ONE Week” is a weeklong social media event following 10 bloggers making their way through Kenya with ONE from July 25th-30th to see what life is really like for moms in the developing world. While in Kenya, the 10 bloggers will be checking in regularly with accounts of what they’re seeing and hearing, as well as daily actions tied to their trips and access to experts who can explain the key issues these women will see firsthand. So join us! Get educated, engaged, and activated, and use your voice on behalf of the world’s poorest. It just takes ONE mom.

I am a ONE Week Team Member banner

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Bodycology® Rich And Creamy Coupon – moms need pampering too

July 252011

Moms need pampering too and now you can get a Bodycology Rich and Creamy coupon. It’s a high quality product that makes your skin softer and healthier.

Get $1.00 off your purchase of any Bodycology Rich and Creamy product.

Like the product on Facebook and save money, it’s a great deal.

Bodycology Rich and Creamy Coupon >>

coupons for moms

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Share daily deals and get paid

July 222011

You probably heard about Groupon. Well, that site made daily deals really popular and they got pretty rich. When you click on the link below you will find out how they did it. It’s pretty cool.

But there’s nothing better than saving 50-90% except when you get paid when your friends and relatives shop too.

The good thing about sharing daily deals is that it won’t cost you a dime because:

  • it’s 100% FREE
  • you don’t have to give any address or credit card details

I’ve already signed up. I entered my name, ZIP code and email address and I’ve already started using it.

Please click on the banner below and find out more how to share daily deals, it’s a short and very entertaining video that you can watch too:

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Reusable tote bags – what to do with them

July 212011

I’m pretty sure you also have loads of these reusable tote bags. They are clutter and you put them on door knobs or closets and you’re fed up with them.

Well, my favorite site – Parenthacks – has a solution for this, it’s great, it’s frugal and you don’t have to throw them away. Absolutely brilliant!

What to do with reusable tote bags? >>

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All you magazine coupons July 2011

July 202011

The All You magazine July issue has a lot of great coupons. You can either subscribe or pick up one at the store. You can also print out coupons online from the site.

Check out these great All You magazine coupons 2011 today  >>


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Children’s sunburn relief

July 142011

Sunburn is pretty common, especially at this time of the year. Moms are really scared when children get sunburn. There are different remedies and you don’t even need the most expensive commercial products.

Check out how to treat children’s sunburn >>

children's sunburn

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Traveling in hot weather with kids

July 122011

My favorite site – Parenthacks – came up with a great idea how to cool hot kids when you travel. It can be a lifesaver in many families.

You won’t need anything else just a couple of Frogg Togg Chilly Pads.

When the weather is hot you have to prepare it like this:  you have to soak it in cold water and, squeeze it a little then drape it around your child’s head or neck or even yours. It will help.

You can use it in a different way too: you just put it around your neck and wick off water/sweat on one side, while the gel side sucks up liquid and holds it in and cools you down.

It’s really useful in hot weather.

Check out the  ProActive Frogg Togg Chilly Pad today>>

frogg togg chilly pads

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Johnson’s Baby Face & Body Lotion SPF 40 Coupon

July 112011

You need this for your baby – save money on Baby Face and Boday Lotion.

Print the coupon to take $2 off any Johnson’s Baby Daily Face & Body Lotion SPF 40.

Print it today >>

johnsons coupon

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Summer fun for kids at home

July 72011

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have summer fun at home. My all time favorite site Parenthacks came up with some great summer fun ideas.

You won’t need expensive toys or you don’t have to spend a fortune to travel to expensive theme parks. You’ll only need large bucket of ice and your kids can icepaint the driveway. How? Find out here


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