25 hilarious things that you shouldn’t buy for your baby

April 292013

Oh my God, I can’t believe this. Do moms actually buy these things? Because if they do … I know that you can basically sell anything to a mom-to-be and to new moms. These things are completely crazy, please have a look at them and tell me what you think about them:

It’s hard to pass up such novelties as the Baby Keeper (a contraption that hooks your baby to the door while you’re in the loo) and Baby Mop Onesie. Heck, I’d love to go to sleep and know my baby was safe in the arms of a…pillow?! That’s where the line is drawn. There’s a whole lot of needs when a baby comes, and I’m pretty sure these questionable baby products do not make the cut…

Just have a look at this infant pillow, it’s completely useless:

You can check the rest of the list here:Babble

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10 tips for Airline Travel with Baby – video

April 222013

This is a great video on how to travel with your baby, check it out because there are many useful tips in it, it’s from Mama Natural:

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10 Weird Things About Your Newborn Baby

April 162013

Newborn Baby Portraits

You gave birth to your baby, he or she is so adorable but babies make funny things, believe it or not. They make strange noises, they sneeze often, they pee and poop a lot. Many things will scare you, it did scare me too.  I’ve just read this very funny but at the same time really useful article on this topic. It’s written by Kaitlin Stanford:

Sure, all those books and classes have prepped you for the major things: labor and delivery, the unavoidable sleepless nights and, of course, round-the-clock feedings. But what about the projectile poop and wandering eyes? Before you go running to the phone to call the pedi, we’ve got the rundown on all those freaky, but totally normal, things about newborns.

1. Cradle cap

What’s the deal? There’s no way around it — cradle caps are pretty gross. But they’re also pretty common. How come? Honestly, nobody knows for sure. The good news is any dryness or flakiness will usually disappear within baby’s first few months (though for some, random flare ups could go on for longer). In the meantime, try rubbing baby oil on the patches two or three times a week. Dr. Alanna Levine, parenting expert and pediatrician at Orangetown Pediatric Associates in New York, suggests making it a routine before baby’s bath and scraping the caps off with a fine-toothed comb.

When to worry: Luckily, there’s not too much worrying you need to do about this one — it’s basically nothing more than a common rash. But if it spreads beyond baby’s scalp or seems to be growing more severe, ask your doc about getting a prescription ointment.

Source: The Bump – 10 Weird (But Totally Normal) Things About Your Newborn

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Best 5 free baby coupons

April 152013

This is my recommendation of the best 5 free baby coupons:

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How to help your toddler to talk

April 92013

My son is 11 month old (he was just born and now almost 1 year old) and he starts talking but he only uses the gibberish baby talk which is so sweet. I love it and I know this is a very important step in a baby’s life. This is the beginning of the talking. I came across this interesting article about this topic and I found it really useful so I’m going to share it with you:

Your toddler’s gift of gab isn’t delivered with a bow on top. It’s more like a jabbering journey that starts with babbling and then single words and leads up to fully detailed accounts of what happened on the playground. But there’s a little milestone in the middle that makes the grand finale possible: learning to speak in sentences.

There are a couple of tips how to help your toddler over the two-word sentence hump:

  • Don’t finish her sentences or interrupt her. She’ll get frustrated if you frequently jump in — and may even give up on trying to speak in sentences.
  • Give her lots of opportunities to talk. Include her in your conversations with your partner and older children to give her a chance to chat.
  • Avoid baby talk. Speak clearly and simply, using real words and complete sentences so she can see how it’s done.
  • Narrate. As you go about your day with your little helper, talk about everything you’re doing together: “Let’s head down this aisle to get the chicken we’ll cook for dinner.”
  • Respond to her words with more words. If she yells “Chicken!” at the dinner table, say “Yes, we’re eating yummy chicken for dinner.” Add adjectives to the conversation and soon she will too.
  • Ask away. Two-sided conversations are a good way to boost language development because they help tiny talkers practice their new skills, so pose questions to your toddler that call for more than a yes or no answer. Just don’t pressure your pipsqueak for a reply if she’s not ready to give one.
  • Devote your full attention. Stay focused when she’s speaking. If you get distracted, she will too.

Source:  Starting to Speak in Sentences

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Have you heard about the Mommy Bullies?

April 32013

I did because actually one of my friend is turned out to be one. She is older than me, just a couple of years and she also has a son who is 4 month older than mine. She is a nice girl but she knows everything better and honestly she goes on my nerves sometimes. Her way is the only way ie. she knows the best how to feed  toddler, how to raise one. She is a real mommy bully. I was actually really happy when I read this article because it helps you how to handle these types of women:

I thought motherhood was a higher level of sisterhood. A sisterhood that was full of support, not criticism. And as I have matured and experienced “life” as a woman and a mother, I have learned plenty about the “mommy bullies.” Here are some suggestions to keep in mind the next time you feel like you are under fire:

1. All of us mommies are trying to do the best that we can raising our babies to be amazing individuals.

2. There is always going to be a subject about parenting that we don’t know about. Stay humble and try not to feel so frazzled. Chances are when another mommy makes it seem like they know everything about mommyhood, they are really totally insecure about whether they’re doing a good enough job.

3. When you feel like you are getting ganged up on, walk away. Stay strong to what you believe in and trust that you know what is best for your family.

4. Do more research. I have learned the most by listening to what topics other mommies speak about and then going home and researching for myself. Come to find out what one mommy claims is the most amazing preschool, really might not be what you think is amazing!

5. You might have to go a little bit out of your way to stay in touch, but when you connect with another mommy don’t lose track of them. Be outgoing and schedule more playdates individually.

You can read the rest of the article here:

7 secrets all mamas need to survive the mommy bullies

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