Pacifiers or not

June 282012

This is a big question in every new moms’ life. Are they good or bad? Does a baby really need it?
It’s really hard to decide whether our baby needs it or not. Many people – doctors and nurses say – that pacifiers can cause nipple confusion while other says that this is ridiculous.

I’ve just read an interesting article about this topic on Are pacifiers evil or not?

“Could we have a pacifier?” I asked the baby nurse. It was our second night in the hospital, and I was ready for some sleep — which meant I was ready to stop being a pacifier myself. “We don’t give out pacifiers, because we support breastfeeding. Pacifiers can create nipple confusion,” she recited. She slipped her book – Party Lines for the Newborn Unit – back into the pocket of her scrubs. “But the baby and I have already established breastfeeding,” I said. “And my other two babies used pacifiers in the hospital, and it didn’t create nipple confusion, so I don’t think it’s an issue for us.”

If you’re interested in the history of the pacifier and you want to know more about the drawbacks and benefits, you can check it out here:

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Coupons for babies – How to get infant formula coupons

June 262012

Leading lines - formula left in bottle
It’s always a dilemma for new moms how to stretch their dollars when it comes to infant formula. They are quite expensive but they need them when they can’t or don’t want to breastfeed their babies. There are great money saving coupons for babies that can help them and help you.

I’d like to share a couple of money saving tips which can help you to stretch your budget to buy baby formula:

  1. You have to look for weekend flyers that contain money saving coupons on baby formula. With these coupons you can stock up on your favorite baby food brand. Don’t forget to check the expiry date!
  2. Clearance aisles can be really useful too. Visit them regularly because they have baby formula cans that have a new packaging or a very close expiration. Always check these cans closely and you can get some great deals on baby formula.
  3. Don’t get stuck with one store always check different ones. Visit different drugstores, grocery stores, discount stores and bulk stores on your shopping route. Why? Because they stock different sizes at different prices. You can check out which store has the best price for you and go for that one.
  4. Join a coupon train: these coupon trains are really similar to coupon swap clubs but they are done by mail. Online mom clubs organize them and usually one moms starts it who saves up all the coupons she receives and sends it to the next mom on the list. This moms takes out the expired coupons and the ones she wants to use plus she adds the coupons she saved up. Then she also mails them to the next mom on the list and it continues like this. It has 1 or 2 weeks rotation and they usually swap all kind of coupons like infant formula coupons, baby food coupons etc.

If you have some extra time then try to follow these tips because you can save some money on infant formula and you can also cut your costs when it comes to baby food.

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How to make easy baby food on the go

June 212012

I guess you also ended up in situations when you didn’t have a baby spoon, you didn’t have a bib or a high chair to feed your baby properly. In these time Parent Hacks idea come in very handy. A very practical mom will explain how to turn a whole banana into a no-mess baby meal:

I have to give total credit to my husband on this one. On more than one occasion, we’ve found ourselves out and about with no feeding instruments for our 9-month-old son. No spoon, no bib, no pureed food. One time, my hubby devised an emergency solution that we’re now using almost any time we leave the house.

To find out how to make easy baby food on the go please click on the link below:

How to make easy baby food on the go >>

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Diaper pails reviews

June 142012

When you have a small baby you’ll need tons of diapers. Used diapers have a smell. But what to do with them? You’ll need a good diaper pail. Check out babble’s diaper pail review:

Forget feeding and sleep schedules — figuring out how to dispose of diapers without an overpowering odor haunting every corner of the nursery can be one of the most daunting tasks a parent faces. And that’s where diaper disposal units come in. While no pail is perfect, we’ve rounded up the best that help keep smells and messes under control.

Let’s check out what are the best diaper pails >>

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Free stuff for kids – top 5 tips

June 122012

You don’t actually have to break the bank to find some free stuff for kids. The following tip won’t cost you a dime and the whole family will enjoy it. It’s 100% fun and it’s 100% free!

  1. Visit city parks and playgrounds: all city parks have playgrounds that your child can use for free. The biggest cities in the US have great parks where you can enjoy yourself. Central Park in New York is a huge outdoor place where they offer many free programs for families.
  2. Strolling with kids: You can go for a stroll in any big cities of the US. You can go for the tourist zone i.e. in San Francisco where they have street performers – jogglers, clowns, magicians –  all day long.
  3. Free museums: you can live anywhere in the US – or even in the world – you’ll find free mueums i.e. science mueum or natural history museum which can be fascinating for a child. In New York City the Metropolitan Museum of Art has only “recommended” prices, it’s actually up to you how much donation you’ll give.
  4. Parades: Kids enjoy parades, they are great fun. Organize a visit to New York City, DC, Boston, Savannah or even to Phoenix on March 17 when “Everybody’s Irish”.
  5. Fireworks: Kids love fireworks too, just think about Fourth of July. It’s free to see and it’s 100% fun.

You can find many other free stuff for kids. You can google it and I’m sure you’ll find some free stuff that you can do in your local community too.








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Healthy snacks for kids – vegetable tray

June 72012


Many kids don’t like vegetables but there are different ways to introduce veggies to kids in a fun way. Vegetables don’t have to be boring, make them fun and enjoy them together with your kids.

One of my favorite sites – Parent Hacks – came up with a great idea, with the vegetable tray:

What I forgot to mention is that presentation and availability are a key part of making this “recipe” kid-friendly.

I now covet the vegetable tray Marie highlighted on Make and Takes, and I love her suggestion about keeping it stocked and at the ready in the fridge. Good for the kids and for her.

You can  read the rest of the article here >>

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