Making gifts for your baby

September 242010

I have a favorite blog called Design Mom, she always has so many crafty ideas and beautiful pictures on her blog.

In her last blog post she explains how to make gifts, she says?

“When December hits, I go through the ideas with my kids and we a) use them, or b) take inspiration from them and come up with a new idea.”

Please check out her great blog post about Making Gifts:

Design Mom

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Freebies for mums

September 202010

Mums want the best for your babies. I am sure you agree with me on this. There are so many freebies for mums available you just have to find them. Trust me it is not hard to find great freebies for mums.

Where to find freebies for mums?

First of all you can find them online. Sometime you just have to type in the words to your prefered search engine and off you go. There are hundreds and thousands of webpages that will offer you freebies. Just a good advice: always be careful who you provide with your personal details with, you don’t have to be overcautious, just use your common sense.

You can get them mailed to you. Great freebies can be mailed to you. Most of the time you have to fill out a short survey or two to get them. But before you say it is a waste of time I have to tell you that it is not. You will get a couple of samples that you can use. They can be really handy and useful – especially in the early days when you don’t know which brand to choose. You can try them out – like diapers for your baby – and later you can decide which brand you go for.

Magazines can also contain great freebies and don’t forget about the Sunday paper because they have some special freebies for mums too. Just keep your eyes open. It’s worth it.

Happy money saving!

Win free baby diapers

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