Great American Photo Contest review

February 252011

The Great American Photo Contest help you to show your beautiful baby to the world.

It’s really easy to enter your baby, there are basically 3 steps to follow:

  1. You have to enter your email address.
  2. Then you have to enter your first name and/or phone number (It’s optional.)
  3. You enter your baby’s name and you can also upload the photo.

Before you click on the “Submit my entry now” button you can also click the small boxes whether you want free baby samples, free child safety kit and/or free coupons and newsletters.

Facts about the Great American Photo Contest:

  • It’s 100% free.
  • There is a guaranteed winner in every month.
  • You also have the chance to win $2500.

Click on the banner below to enter today:

One of the happy families who won the prize:

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Regis and Kelly cute kid contest 2011

February 232011

Update: Unfortunately Regis and Kelly won’t be doing the contest in 2011.  Don’t worry because you can enter the Sweetest Kid baby photo contest instead?

Please click on the following link to enter the Sweetest Kid Photo Contest now:


It’s pretty easy to submit your kids pictures to the Regis and Kelly cute kid contest 2011.

Cute kid contest 2011

The contest rules are the following:

  • Your baby/kid must be between six and forty eight months old by January 2011.
  • The contest is open  United States and Canadian residents only.
  • The picture submitted has to be non-professional.
  • It has to be a recent picture between one and two months old. If you have twins or triplets, they have to be one picture together.
  • The photo needs to be no larger than 2000×1500 pixels.

Just check out 2010 top finalists, they are really cute!


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American Baby Magazine coupon

February 222011

American Baby Magazine gives away free subscription. The magazine is most trusted source for baby advice.

What you will get when you subscribe to the free American Baby magazine:

  • Great tips for adjusting a baby in the house.
  • Nutrition, health, playtime and exercise advice.
  • Thoughts from famous parents.
  • Pregnancy advice for new moms and dads.

You only have to enter your name, address and email address and you will get your American Baby Magazine free subscription. There are no gimmicks nor hidden fees.

american magazine

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TotSites coupon code

February 182011

Totsites now gives away 100 Free Prints and 6 cent prints after that. I think it sounds pretty amazing.

You can create your online baby books in minutes using simple point and click tools.

What are the benefits and features of TotSites:

  • they have over 80 really cute designs
  • it’s integrated with Facebook
  • you can create photo slideshows or even printed memory books
  • you can also create keepsake for a lifetime

Join TotSites and get started today:

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Free Parent Stuff Canada

February 172011

Canadian moms, you can start to collect free baby coupons today. Free Parent Stuff Canada will help you to get free baby stuff, free samples and free gifts for your baby.

When you join Free Parent Stuff Canada the big companies will reward you with great discount and sweepstakes entries as well.

You only have to enter your name, address, date of birth, postal code and province and then click on the ‘Join now’ button .

Join Free Parent Stuff Canada today!


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Cute kid contest

February 162011

It’s never to late to submit your kid pictures to the Cute Kid Contest. There are already 2 million members worldwide, it’s  a great community for moms too.

If you enter the Cute Kid of the Year 2011 contest you will get:

  • FREE 11×14 canvas portrait – $67 value
  • 1 year subscription of Parents Magazine
  • Your baby can also be spotted by Talent Industry Pros, Cute Kids can be seen on TV and movies too

When you submit your baby’s photo to the contest you can also get free coupons, free samples and free gifts from big companies like Gerber, Playskool or Enfamil. You’ll get $250 in free gifts from Enfamil. Gerber Life Child Safety ID Kit and Playskool enewsletter. There are 3 easy steps to follow:

  1. Register
  2. Upload Photo
  3. Enter Contest

It’s pretty easy. Submit your baby or kid photo today:


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New coupons for moms – Philly, Velveeta, Kleenex

February 152011

click here button

  • $1.50 OFF 1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme
  • $1.50 OFF 1 Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entré
  • $1.00 OFF 1 Hormel Always Tender Product
  • $1.00 OFF 1 Simply Orange Juice 59oz Or Any Variety
  • $1.00 OFF 1 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (5-pack)
  • $1.00 OFF 1 Velveeta Product (32oz)
  • $1.00 OFF 1 Weight Watchers Sweet Bakery Item
  • $1.00 OFF 2 Yogi Granola Snack Crisps
  • $1.00 OFF 1 Pemmican Beef Jerky or Beef Brisket
  • $1.00 OFF 1 Hidden Valley Salad Kit
  • $0.75 OFF 1 Nature’s Own Thin Sliced Bagels
  • $0.75 OFF 1 Crisco Non-Stick Cooking Spray
  • $0.75 OFF 1 Vlasic Pickles, Pepper, or Relish Any Size
  • $0.75 OFF 1 Miracle Whip Product (30oz)
  • $0.75 OFF 1 Roman Meal Bread
  • $0.75 OFF 1 Refrigerated JELL-O Pudding or Mousse 6Pk
  • $0.75 OFF 1 Cinnamon Burst Cheerios cereal
  • $0.50 OFF 1 Smart Balance Eggs
  • $0.50 OFF 1 Fiber One Cereal Bars
  • $0.50 OFF 1 Bob Evans Refrigerated Side
  • $0.50 OFF 1 any variety Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough
  • $3.00 OFF 1 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder
  • $1.00 OFF 1 Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator
  • $0.50 OFF 3 Kleenex or 1 Bundle Pack
  • $0.35 OFF 1 Palmolive Antibacterial Dish Liquid (20 oz or larger)
  • $3.00 OFF 1 Garnier HerbaShine Color Creme with Bamboo Extract
  • $3.00 OFF 1 KY Brand Product
  • $2.50 OFF 2 U By Kotex Tampons
  • $2.50 OFF 2 U By Kotex Pads
  • $2.00 OFF L’Oreal Feria Haircolor
  • $2.00 OFF any 1 Nature’s Bounty Your Life Vitamins
  • $1.00 OFF One A Day Adult or Teen MultiVitamin
  • $1.00 OFF any one PediaCare Product
  • $2.00 OFF 12 cans of Purina Mighty Dog
  • $3.00 OFF 1 bag ProPlan Select Cat Food
  • $3.00 OFF 1 bag ProPlan Select Dog Food
  • $1.00 OFF Purina Cat Chow
  • $1.00 OFF Beneful Snackin’ Slices Dog Snacks
  • $10.00 OFF The Paul Newman Tribute Collection on DVD
  • $5.00 OFF 1 Rain Man on Blu-ray
  • $5.00 OFF 1 Thelma and Louise on Blu-ray
  • $4.00 OFF 1 Eat Pray Love Blu-ray or DVD
  • $4.00 OFF 1 The Karate Kid Blu-ray or DVD
  • $4.00 OFF 1 Grownups Blu-ray or DVD
  • $3.00 OFF 1 Say Anything 20th Anniversary Blu-ray or DVD
  • $3.00 OFF 1 There’s Something About Mary Blu-ray or DVD

free baby coupons

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thredUP clothing swap

February 152011

thredUp is a great community where moms can exchange their unwanted kids clothes and toys. We all have unused kids clothes at home and just want to get rid of them. Don’t throw them away because another family might need them.

Did you know that an average American family saves $568 per year using the thredUp clothing swap? It’s true.

Find gently-loved kids toys on the site too. Your baby will love it.

You’ll get your first box for free, you only have to pay shipping.

Join this great moms community today, please click on the banner below to start swapping toys and clothes:

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Great pregnancy keepsakes

February 112011

It’s pretty common to take belly pictures when you are pregnant because you want to document your pregnancy. But there are more exciting ways to do it.

Thanks to – one of my favorite baby sites – I came across Trish who has an amazing photo collection about her pregnancy. It’s really wonderful. You should see it.

Just one great photo, you can check out the rest here >>


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Separation Anxiety in Moms

February 102011

I read a great article – written by Heather Turgeon on –  about separation anxiety in moms.

It’s not easy to cope with it, you spend every time with your baby and when you have to get away from her/him it makes you very uncomfortable.

Heather writes:

We know separation anxiety is a natural part of development for babies and kids, but they aren’t the only ones who feel uncomfortable when mom or dad leaves; most parents feel some anxiety about saying goodbye, too. It can be especially intense in the first year, when we worry so much about safety, feeding, sleeping and so on, and sometimes even more so for a stay-at-home parent (for whom breaks are the exception). But it’s also a fixture in some form or another for most parents, even as the years go on.

She also shared a couple of great tips with us how to cope with it. The first tip that she gives us that we have to allow ourselves to be anxious. That’s normal because of the strong bond that we have with our children.

Click here to read more tips on separation anxiety in moms

Where's Mom?

Photo: Flickr – Scott Kinmartin

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