Top saving tips for moms – free products and samples

November 292011

Tops Saving Tips offers moms free coupons and samples plus big savings on favorite products.

To claim your free coupons and samples just click on the banner below then enter your:

  • Email address
  • and Zip code

When you entered your details please click on the big Submit button.

You can start filling your shopping bags with free products and samples!

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The best Baby Care Apps

November 242011

In the 21st century there is an application for everything. When you have a smart phone you can do many things with is, you can even download baby care apps for moms.

It’s really brilliant, you can find anything from baby sign and learn to baby food recipes.

One of my favorite baby sites collected the best 25 Baby care apps. Check out the full baby care app list >>


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Potty training tips – Advent calendar

November 232011

Potty Training
Potty training is a very important process in our child’s life. Why not use Advent calendar to potty train the little ones?

My favorite site Parent Hacks came up with this brilliant idea:

If your child likes Playmobil and you are thinking of embarking on toilet training over the next twelve months, snap up a couple of Playmobil advent calendars while they are in the stores, and stash them away till you’re ready. Advent calendars are like ready-made potty training reward charts, complete with prizes.

I think this is an absolutely great way to potty train a child. Who said it can’t be fun?

To read the rest of this great post and the very good comments too please click on the link below:

Advent calendar as potty training reward chart >>

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FreeFlys samples for moms

November 222011

Frugal moms should sign up for FreeFlys samples. You can get different free samples and products. It’s 100% free to join.

What you can get when you join FreeFlys:

  • Free samples for your baby: free baby formula, free toys and clothing.
  • Free samples for you: free beauty products ie. cosmetics, skin care and hair care products.
  • Free samples of food: samples of teas, coffees, sweeteners and other products.
  • Free healthy samples: granola, diet bars or even health teas.

It’s all for free. Start collecting FreeFlys samples today >>

Just enter your name, address, email address and your date of birth then click on the “Click here to join now” button.

FreeFlys samples appeared even on The Doctors, check it out:

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Exercise is important for pregnant women

November 172011

pregnant woman

Many people think that pregnant women are all very fragile and they can’t do anything. In a way is a good feeling that everybody wants to take care of you but we are not as fragile as other people may think.

I’ve just read this great article about the importance of prenatal exercise and I really like it, as Heather Turgeon writes:

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that expecting moms exercise on most, if not all, days of the week, saying that it will reduce aches and pains, help you sleep, and may ward off gestational diabetes.

The most important advice is to take care of yourself and don’t get exhausted. You body and your baby will definitely tell you when to stop.

To read this great article please click on the following link:

I’m pregnant but I’m not fragile >>

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Thanksgiving tips for moms and dads

November 162011


Thanksgiving is almost here and every family is very busy organizing – especially moms – to get ready for the big day.

As my favorite site – Parent Hacks – says:

You need ideas for simplifying holiday travel, streamlining meal preparation and table setting, getting the kids involved and keeping them entertained while they wait for the turkey and pie. Not to mention teaching them about the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Well, they have many great ideas how to organize your Thanksgiving from food planning to activities for the kids.

Here are a couple of great Thanksgiving tips for busy families >>

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Babytobee offers

November 152011

Great Babytobee offers for expecting and for new moms too. Start saving money with Baby to bee and you can even get a free Bugaboo Cameleon stroller (details apply). Not only moms but dads can sign up too.

So what do have to do next?

Visit the Babytobee site then enter your:

  • name
  • address
  • email
  • phone number
  • your birth date
  • your baby’s birth date or due date

and click on the big submit button.

You’ll receive great free stuff for your baby and for your family plus you’ll get savings too. It’s 100% free to join!

Start saving money with Babytobee today – to get started please click on the banner below:

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Stay at home dads by recession

November 102011


The other day I read an interesting article about stay at home dads. The article is written by Tom Anderson who used to be a Internet video advertising executive but he lost his job and now takes care of his twin daughters. It’s an amazing story and I would advise anybody to read it, I love this part:

If this were the start of a new job, no problem. Day One: Meet the staff, attend a few meetings, lunch with the boss, work on a 30-day strategic plan, meet more staff, go home and sleep well, repeat all week. In the corporate world, you are given several weeks to deliver a product; in retail, you shadow a veteran employee in the field. As a stay-at-home dad — SAHD, an acronym that makes perfect sense now — the new customers are on the living room floor simultaneously screaming, filling their pants with last night’s sweet potato puree, pulling sharp objects from a side table, and trying to chew a power cord. At which point I want to wake up.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking the link below:

Stay at home dad by recession >>

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Homemade baby food – pumpkin recipes

November 92011

Sugar Pie Pumpkin
You can make wholesome baby food from pumpkins. But which pumpkin to choose? will help moms to choose the best:

It is very important that you choose the right pumpkin for food dishes.  While it is ok to use a “jack-o-lantern” pumpkin,  meaning you and your family should suffer no illness from this type of pumpkin, it is preferable to use a “sugar” or “pie” pumpkin.

Why Sugar or Pie Pumpkins are Best for Cooking:

  • Sugar/Pie pumpkins they are less stringy than the larger jack-o-lantern pumpkins.
  • Sugar/Pie pumpkins are less fibrous than larger pumpkins.
  • Sugar/Pie pumpkins are smaller and easier to handle.
  • Sugar/Pie pumpkins are actually more sweet and tasty than their larger counterparts!
  • Sugar/Pie pumpkins are easier to roast and roast faster.
  • Sugar/Pie pumpkins make better pumpkin butter and they make super baked pumpkin slices for snacks!
  • You can find some amazing pumpkin recipe on the site. Halloween may be over but pumpkins are perfect to eat anytime.
  • Please click on the link below to find a great pumpkin recipe:
  • Homemade baby food – pumpkin recipes >>
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    Cool potties for babies

    November 32011


    Who said that potties have to be uncomfortable, weird looking and expensive? A Dutch company came up with these fantastic potties for babies which look really awesome, they are very cleverly designed and they come in different shapes.

    It’s also highly functional and has an ergonomic shape and comes in 4 different soft colors to match your bathroom too :) – they come in pink, blue, green and white. This company also sells different step tools and tubs.

    I think it’s a must have for moms. To check them out please click on the link below:

    Cool potties for babies >>

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