Making gifts for your baby

September 242010

I have a favorite blog called Design Mom, she always has so many crafty ideas and beautiful pictures on her blog.

In her last blog post she explains how to make gifts, she says?

“When December hits, I go through the ideas with my kids and we a) use them, or b) take inspiration from them and come up with a new idea.”

Please check out her great blog post about Making Gifts:

Design Mom

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Money saving tips for moms – Tip5

September 22010

Have fun for free!

You may think that having fun for free is not possible. I have good news for you. There are actually different ways to have fun for free.

Let’s see the options:

  • Library: if you are a cash strapped mom you may find books very expensive. It’s time to visit the library. Joining the library is usually inexpensive or even free and you can loan great books, DVDs, CDs or even audiobooks for yourself and for your little angel too.  It’s also possible download music, videos, eBooks and eAudiobooks from the libraries’ website.
  • Free museums: There are actually museum and galleries that you can visit for free. You can always take packed lunch with you so your kids will learn new things (maybe you too) and it won’t cost a penny. I’ve found a list of free museums in the U.S.
  • Farmer’s markets: You can have fun on a Saturday morning too. Farmer’s markets are held various places in town. Just check out your local paper and I’m sure you’ll find one. It’s good to visit them with your kids or friends. Most of the time they are even cheaper than the supermarket and the quality of the food and products are far better than there. I always buy delicious jams there. (I love the strawberry one:)) Even if you don’t buy anything you can have a chat with people there and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Board games: just try to get away from the TV and play bord games with your family. In every second week we get together with our friends and play games.  The most popular bord games are: Monopoly, Mah Jongg,  Scrabble, Beyblades, Backgammon, Risk, Battleship, Stratego etc.
  • Walk and run for free: When the weather is nice walk, jog or get on your bike. You don’t need to join an expensive gym to exercise. You can hike or swim too. Doesn’t matter what you do just try to do something, sweat a little bit – let’s say 3 times week. You don’t have to do it alone, your kids or friends can join you too. It’s so much fun!

Family fun for free

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Money saving tips for moms – Tip1

August 182010

In the next following days I’d like to give you some smart money saving tips.  I hope you’ll like them.

Tip 1 – Be smart with clothes

So here is the thing. Kids grow really quickly so there’s no point to buying an awful lot of clothes. Quality before quantity! Try to buy long wearing items, they will worth it.

There’s one other important thing when it comes to kids’ clothes, you don’t have to throw them away when they become too small. I’m sure you know families who would love to accept babies’ or kid’s clothes. Don’t be shy about offering or accepting clothes for your own kid/s. We all know that it costs a fortune to dress them smart.

Try to mend your kids’ clothes too, it will save you money. There’s nothing wrong with fixing clothes. When you can’t fix it just cut them up and you can use them for cleaning especially when it is made of cotton.

So this was my first money saving tips for moms!

Happy money saving :)

Money saving tips for moms

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Great new product – Free Rebate For Kids ‘N’ Pets Cleaning Product

June 92010

In the article posted on TripletsMommy Richele introduced a great new product and she says:

“it cleans up your messiest messes and smelliest smells completely and permanently.  These products are safe and easy to use.”

I will definitely give this product a go.  They have a great Facebook rebate offer. I think it is worth to check it out!

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How can I get free diapers?

June 32010

This is a really common question because everybodyknows that they are pretty expensive and most of us want some free diapers for our babies.

So how can you get free diapers? The answer is really simple. There are good and relaible websites that offer you free diapers. You can get your hands on the best brands of diapers for a year and all you have to do is to fill out a 5 min survey. That’s not a bad deal?

Just imagine that you can get rid of your diaper bill for a whole year, I think it sounds pretty awesome. I made a quick calculation and figured out that if your baby is changed in every 4 hours that means 6 changings a day and that 2.190 diapers a year!! That’s an awful lot of diapers. And this can be even more because in a baby’s first year the new parents usually buy an avarage of 2788 diapers for a total cost of $558. This price is based on an avarage price of 20cents per disposable diaper. That is a lot of money and these are just only the diapers. I haven’t calculated the cost of the baby food, baby clothing and the list is endless…

Just think about how much money you can save if you can get rid of the diaper bill for a whole year. I know it’s a lot.

If I were you I wouldn’t hesitate one second. I also know that most of us are afraid of the junk emails that we are getting every day but not every company like that. Believe me.

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Where to find business opportunities for moms?

June 22010

It’s not easy to find business opportunities for moms. I did a bit of research on the internet and I found a couple of good ideas but this one actually is really good.

Let me share it with you.

First of all let me tell you my story. I always wanted to work from home and to be my own boss. When you have a kid, you want to spend quality time with him/her so why not set up a business. I’m not saying that WAHM’s life is pure pleasure and you get rich overnight but you can achive a better work-life balance plus you can earn money working from home.

The great thing about this opportunity that you don’t have to leave your kids at home because you can work from home. I think this is amazing.

This opportunity unfortunately isn’t available anymore but please sign up for my newsletter where you will get free coupons and useful money saving tips:

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