Best 5 free baby coupons

April 152013

This is my recommendation of the best 5 free baby coupons:

1. Free baby coupons from Everyday Family Highly recommended
Free baby coupons
This is the number 1 site for free baby coupons. When you register you receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, weekly coupon alerts and offers too.

You will also have access to free baby coupons, free baby samples and more. Apply here for Free membership >>

2. Win $1500 woth of DiapersHighly recommended

<a href=””
title=”Free baby diapers for 1 year”><img
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Take this quick and short survey to enter!
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3. Free baby foodRecommended

Free Year supply of baby food

Get Gerber Baby Food for free for a whole year. You just have to answer 4 very simple questions to see if you qualify for the free year supply of baby food. Get free Gerber baby food>>

4. WomanFreebies coupons and samples

Join to get free samples, coupons and other useful freebies which are specially picked for women and for moms.
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5.  Get 1 year supply of Baby Formula FreeRecommended

Want a $1,000 Worth of Formula? Then enter your email address and hit the Continue button.

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How to get baby food coupons – Gerber coupons

May 12012

In this tough financial climate moms have to be smart when it comes to baby food. They have to find baby food coupons and try different shopping techniques to save some money on baby food and on baby formula. The good news is that there are different ways to get free baby food coupons. Let’s check them out together:

  • Gerber website can be really helpful because they usually have coupons for different and healthy baby food. They also have a Special Offers section that offer printable Gerber baby food coupons for moms. You can usually print out these baby food coupons from their site and present at the check-out when you do your grocery shopping. You can get coupons for the following baby food:
    - Gerber cereals for baby
    - Gerber 2nd Foods
    - Gerber Graduates Baby Food
  • There are many grocery coupon websites that have printable or online baby food coupons for Gerber baby products. On these sites you can usually search for certain product types like baby food coupons or diaper coupons but you can also look for specific product names i.e Gerber food coupons or Huggies coupons etc.
  • Check out the circulars at your local grocery store – they usually place them near the front of the store (just to know where to look for them). These are weekly store circulars that can contain baby food coupons and sometimes they have an online circular too. So look out for them online.
  • If you want to go for clippable Gerber baby foor coupons then check out the Sunday newspaper. These papers have a pretty big coupon section so you can choose from different baby food coupons and grocery coupons too.

It’s always good to know whether your local grocery store accepts grocery coupons for other stores. If they do you can save some money and time (but they not always do). Try to find supermarkets that double coupons which means that you present a 50-cent coupon and you’ll get $1.00 off the purchase when the coupon is doubled. Check with your local store whether they accept online printed coupons because they not always do.

These tips will definitely help you to save money on baby food and on baby formula. So follow these tips and collect baby food coupons.


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Baby food coupons – why are they good

March 132012

Anderson eating baby food

New parents would need a lot of baby formula and baby food. To be honest they are quite expensive but there are great money savings baby food coupons that can help you to cut the cost. Pediatricians recommend that moms should formula feed their babies until the age of six months. After that you can introduce your baby to milk to that comes in cartons.

Why baby food coupons are so good?

First of all you can plan ahead and collect them in advance. This is great because you don’t have to worry about them when you’re already so busy with your newborn baby. Always check the expiry date on baby food coupons.

There are many baby food products on the market, the list is endless and you can choose from different price ranges. It’s up to you of course whether you go for the big brand products or for the supermarket brands. The most important thing is that whichever you choose you can cut costs with baby food coupons.

You can use baby food coupons on:

  • rice cereal
  • juices
  • organic baby food
  • baby food that is categorized and available for different stages -from infants to toddlers

The other good thing is that you can try different brands with baby food coupons and find out what your baby likes. Then you can stock up on the favorite baby food product and save money on them with coupons.

There are so many different baby food products on the market – like fruit splashes,  mini veggies, veggie puffs and fruit puffs and you can cut their costs too because you can use baby food coupons to purchase these items as well.

Use baby food coupons wisely and you can save  a lot of money on baby formula and on baby food.

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Baby food coupons

April 132011

Probably every mom knows the Gerber brand. They are famous for their healthy and nutritious baby food.


Start collecting Gerber baby food coupons today >>


Why do moms like Gerber baby food?

  1. Gerber baby food follows your baby’s development. They have baby food for every age: for newborns, for sitters, for crawlers and even for toddlers.
  2. They have a diverse selections of delicious baby food for example apple, carrot, sweet potato. There is also an organic version of baby food.
  3. They use 100% natural vegetables and fruits. There is no added salt, sugar, flavor or artificial color.
  4. Gerber make purees with DHA too (omega-3 fatty acid) which is very good for your baby’s brain development.


Get your Gerber baby food coupons today >>


How to collect baby food coupons?

It’s never been easier to get Gerber baby food coupons. Here are the steps to follow?

You have to give your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth Date
  • Gender
  • Baby’s due date or birth date

Then click on the ‘Join Now’ button.

You will get Gerber baby food coupons  - worth $147 PLUS  free coupons and offers that are worth more than $500!

Please click on the picture below to start collecting your Gerber Baby Food Coupons:

Baby food coupons

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Tasty fruit for baby food – persimmons

November 162010

You can of course make very yummy baby food at home and you don’t even have to buy it. It’s pretty easy to make it.

When you’re baby is about 8 months old you can start to share this gorgeous fruit. It’s best to puree it. Let’s see the recipe:

4 persimmons, washed (and peeled if desired)
Dice the persimmons into chunks (steam until soft if desired, about 5 minutes)
Toss into a blender/food processor and puree – add liquid if you wish to make puree very thin
*If you have steamed the persimmons, allow them to cool then puree
And now, one for the bigger kids!
Wash and peel 4 persimmons, then dice them into small chunks. It’s best to steam them for appr. 5 minutes.
Just put it into a blender or food processor and puree it.  I you want to make the puree thinner add some  liquid to it.
Allow them to cool then puree.

You can also make very delicious Persimmon Custard from it, you find the recipe here

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Baby food coupons

September 132010

As a mom you probably know that baby food cost a fortune nowadays. You don’t want to waste too much money on it but you want to provide your baby with nutritious and wholesome baby food. How can you save money on baby food? Well, you should start collecting baby food coupons.

There are different types of baby food coupons that are available for new moms.

1. Online baby food coupons

You can easily sign up for online baby food coupons on the internet. It takes you only a couple of minutes. They usually ask you for your name, address, email address and your baby’s birth date or due date. Sometimes you have to fill out a short survey and you will receive your online baby food coupons.

2. Printable baby food coupons

On the internet you will also find sites that will provide you with printable baby food coupons. You can apply for them in the same way – by giving your contact details – but the difference is that you can print out these great money saving baby food coupons and you can use them in the supermarket or grocery store. You only need a computer and printer, it’s really easy.

3. Baby food coupons by mail

Big companies can also mail baby food coupons to you so they are really handy because you don’t even have to print them out. You can start to use them straight away. There are also small booklets that contain hundreds of great coupons for example baby food coupons too.

These are the most common ways to get your hands on baby food coupons. They will definitely help you to save money and who doesn’t want to have some extra cash that you can spend on something nice for your baby?

Happy money saving!

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Gerber baby food coupons

August 302010

You probably know the brand Gerber, I think everybody heard about this company. Gerber has always produced very high quality, nutritious and tasty baby food for the little ones. We trust them because we know that their baby food has a really good reputation over the years all around the world.

Why is the Gerber baby food really good?

  • Diverse selections: you can find all kind of delicious baby food for example apple, carrot, sweet potato. They even make organic baby food too.
  • They follow babies’ development. They create baby food for the newborns, for sitters, crawlers and even for toddlers; and on top of that healthy snacks for preschoolers too.
  • The vegetable and fuit purees made with 100% natural vegetables and fruits with no added sugar, salt, artificial flavors or colors.
  • They also create purees which contain DHA – omega-3 fatty acid that helps eye and brain development. For example fish oils are really rich in DHA.

In this economy all cash strapped moms want to save money on baby formula and on baby food.

The good news is that you can start collecting Gerber baby food coupons. It is actually really easy to sign up for their baby food coupons; you have to fill out a form where you have to give your name, address, your birth date and gender and your baby’s due date or birth date as well. Then you have to specify which baby coupons you are interested in, so you tick the Gerber baby food box and click on the “Join now” button.

You will get Gerber baby coupons  - worth $147 PLUS  free coupons and offers that are worth more than $500!

It doesn’t sound really complicated, does it?

Start collecting Gerber baby food coupons today

Gerber baby food coupons

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Baby products guide

July 302010

When you are a new mum it is not easy to find the right products. You want the best for your little baby. Here is a short guide to buying the most suitable baby products.
1.  Baby formula

One of the most important thing is to feed your little baby. There is breastfeeding and there are different baby formulas as well. It is important to buy a quality breast pump, a couple of baby bottles and baby formula too. The average price of a can baby formula varies between 10 or 15 dollars so it is smart to collect free baby coupons and baby formula coupons.
2. Baby gear

When you are a first time parent you have to make a list of baby gear requirements like baby furniture, toys, books, bedding needs. Think smart because you don’t always have to buy the most expensive baby stuff. You probably have friends or family with unwanted baby furniture or toys. They will be happy to donate them for your little baby.

3. Baby clothing

Baby clothing plays a really important part in baby’s life too. The skin of a newborn is very sensitive so try to find quality fabrics. You don’t hve to buy a lot of baby cloth, prepare a list of the items your baby really needs. Don’t go over the top because your baby grows very quickly and they won’t fit them.

4. Diapers

Diapers are part of a baby’s life. They are pretty expensive though. Buy smart and choose comfortable diapers that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. The big brand companies can offer you free diapers just sign up for their newsletters. You can save a lot of money with the help of them.

Shopping for your baby is a really exciting experience, enjoy every minute. Think smart and plan ahead. You’ll be fine!

Baby product guide

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Great coupons for babies from a great site

June 142010

Mercedes posted a great article about coupons

She says that:

These new deals make use of the Target coupons released yesterday and new insert coupons.

I will definitely check them out.

Thank you Mercedes for sharing it with the world!

Free baby coupons

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Is it okay for grown ups to eat baby food?

January 262010

My mom likes to eat baby food. She said it’s cheaper and we had coupons for discounts. Is it really okay for her to eat baby food? She wants me to try too but I think baby food is for babies.

It’s fine. The vegetables and meats are really bland, but the fruit baby food is realy quite good.

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