Lifescript coupons

February 292012

Get free coupons for your favorite brands. Save money with Lifescript coupons. Let’s check out together how to get them:

  1. Step 1: Enter your email address
  2. Step 2: If you want to get free coupons, samples and discounts plus Lifescript’s Daily Deals emails you can click on yes.
  3. Step 3: Click on the big Submit button.

That’s it – it’s really easy to get them. You must be a U.S. resident and over 18 to get Lifescript coupons.

Please click on the banner below to get started today:

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How to get free baby coupons

February 282012

Free baby coupons can help you to save money on different and expensive baby products. Big baby product manufacturer companies give away coupons to help moms and to advertise their brands. Here are 5 tips on how to get free baby coupons:

  1. If you want to get baby formula or diapers you should always visit the big manufacturers’ website to get some. When you want to save money on baby formula you can go for big brands like Enfamil, Similac or Parent’s Choice but if you wan to choose cheaper brands try store brands i.e. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco or Target. Manufacturers always have printable coupons on their website you just have to look for them.
  2. Coupon sites can be also useful because they can help you to save money on different baby products i.e baby formula, baby wipes and diapers. They usually specialize in grocery coupons which you can use in your local grocery store. When you want to do your grocery shopping take some coupons with you because they can help you to cut your grocery bill half.
  3. Your hospital can help you too don’t forget to ask the whether they have free diaper bags that contain important stuff for your baby like baby wipes, baby formula samples and sometimes free baby coupons too. You can ask her to get one from each manufacturers so you can compare different baby product brands.
  4. Safeway, Ralph’s, Save Mart, Winn Dixie, Kroger, Winco, Costco, Target, Sam’s  Club or Walmart always have different discount fliers in store that contain money saving free baby coupons. Don’t forget to check them out!
  5. Don’t throw away your Sunday papers but look for coupon section in them. You can even find free baby coupons for organic baby stuff in them.

These 5 tips will definitely help you to save money on baby products. Always look out for free baby coupons because they’re are mom’s best friends.

Happy Money Saving!

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Great vegetable recipes for kids

February 232012

Vegetables at 5?_4062c

Every mom knows that kids should eat vegetables but there are of course picky eaters who doesn’t like this or that. It’s not easy to raise a kid to be a veggie-lover but my opinion is that kids should eat the same meal as their parents. So how can you make them love your vegetable meals?

One of my favorite sites – Parent Hacks - came up with some great vegetable recipes for kids As Asha Dornfest writes:

The idea of “vegetable recipes for kids” makes me squirm because it implies that vegies need special treatment if kids are going to like them. It rubs up against my belief that kids should pretty much grow up eating what their parents eat. Eventually, they’ll like it. Right?

Unfortunately, one’s parenting philosophy doesn’t always fit one’s actual children. After more mealtime arguments than I care to admit, I had to adjust my vegetable thinking (and cooking) and take a long-term approach to raising vegie-lovers.

She also collected her 7 favorite vegetable recipes for kids, let’s check them out together. They are great, healthy and simple to make.  You can choose from Soy-Sesame Broccoli, Oven-Roasted Asparagus or even warm edmame and many more. They are all really yummy :)

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Top savings tips for moms

February 222012

Top savings tips will help you to save money on your next grocery. You can get free samples and other available savings that can cut your grocery bill. To qualify you must be over 18 and you must be a U.S. resident.

Just enter your ZIP code and your email address then click on the big submit button to get started.

Please click on the banner below and start saving money with Top savings tips >>

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How to cut cost with free baby food coupons

February 212012

Free baby food coupons can help moms to cut cost. It’s a good way to save money on the most important baby food items like baby formula. You can find online coupons or printable ones. It can definitely help you to cut down your monthly expenses.

If you want the best for your baby then buy Gerber baby food products. They are affordable and very healthy. You can also find organic Gerber baby food too which is even better for your baby because it’s made from the best ingredients you can give to your baby. It helps your baby to be very fit, healthy and strong. Organic baby food tastes good too – I tried it :) – and it’s 100% free of all kind of pesticides. Gerber organic baby food helps your baby to be free from nutrition related tensions too.

Gerber coupons can help you to save a ton of money on different Gerber baby food products. If you have coupons like this you can make your purchase cheaper or even free. Gerber also offers coupons for baby cereals which are also really important in your baby’s nutrition. It helps your baby’s development and it comes with or without iron.

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Baby shower gift ideas

February 162012

Michelle Horton from collected the best baby shower gift ideas for 2012. They are pretty amazing I have to say – and very useful too. You can find bottles, burps basically everything that a baby will need in the first months.

She writes:

As much as we love gift registries, the perfect baby shower gift isn’t always on there. You’re probably looking for something that’s both useful and memorable — with a little wow factor, even.

You can choose a great Go Crib like this:

Check the rest of the best baby shower gift ideas >>

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Sweetest Kid Photo Contest

February 152012

You can enter your baby to the Sweetest Kid Photo Contest and win fabolous prizes. You can easily upload your baby’s photo, free entry and no purchase necessary to enter.

How to enter the Sweetest Kid Photo Contest:

  • First you have to enter you contact info:
    * your name
    *email address
    * password which you have to create first time
  • Then you also need to enter:
    *your baby’s name
    *and caption
  • You have to upload the photo.
  • Just click on the big “Enter Now” button, it’s 100% free and 100% safe

This is not all because you can also get a Gerber Free Child Safety ID Kit, free gift cards, samples and even free coupons.

There’s a guaranteed new $2,500 winner every month!

Submit your cute kid’s picture today, please click on the banner to get started:

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4 ways to get free baby samples

February 142012

Many moms need baby formula to feed their babies and they are quite expensive. There are of course different ways to get free baby formula and free baby samples.

Let’s see 4 ways to get free baby formula:

  1. Baby formula companies: Get in touch with big baby formula companies and you’ll receive free baby samples. They usually give out free samples just to try out their different baby formula products. Register with the following big baby formula manufacturers and you’ll receive ton of coupons by mail:
    - Similac
    - Enfamil
    - Gerber
    - Parent’s Choice
    - Member’s Mark
  2. Online companies: You can also register with several different online companies to get free baby samples and free baby formula. They send you coupons or discount codes by email in order to buy their different baby products, baby formula and you can save some serious money with them.
  3. Coupons and grocery ads: Always watch out for grocery ads and baby formula coupons in your local paper. It’s a good idea to combine these two, a good coupon with a good sale can result in some cheap or even free baby formula.
  4. Local hospital or doctor’s office: Contact your local hospital or your doctor’s office to ask them whether they have free baby samples or free baby formula. Don’t be shy because they usually have some. You can end up with bags of free baby formula which is not bad at all. They can also give you some advice where you can get other freebies like free baby magazines or even free diapers.

If you check out these places and sites I’m sure you’ll get some great free baby samples and you can save some money. Sometimes you’ll get small samples and sometimes they’ll send you full-sized cans.



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Transitioning baby to solid food

February 92012

Guess who's eating cereal now?!
Transitioning baby to solid food – this is always a dilemma for young moms. It’s hard to decide when to do it but there are of course signs when you feel that your baby needs solid food. Shaina Olmanson who is a mother of four wrote a great article about this topic, she writes:

How do you know when the baby is ready? Look for signs that your baby is ready to start eating solids. Generally this happens between 4 to 6 months of age, and most doctors recommend waiting until 6 months before introducing solid foods.

She also adds:

What should you offer as first foods? You can always buy foods specifically for baby, but I tend to pull out a few steamed vegetables or a piece of soft fruit to mash and puree for baby. I do this before salting or adding spices. A food mill is relatively cheap, and it’s a worthwhile investment if it means you’re not buying prepackaged baby foods all the time. (I tried to limit prepackaged baby foods to when fresh, local organic and in-season produce wasn’t available in the winter or for when we’d be out of the house during mealtime.)

If you want to read more advice from her then check out this great article: Transitioning baby to solid food >>

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Free diapers for a year

February 82012

It’s really easy to get free diapers for a year. You just have to fill out a short survey to check if you qualify for the free diapers and you can save a lot of money on your baby’s diaper bill.  Check out this great offer and get free diapers for a year.

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