Children’s sunburn relief

July 142011

Sunburn is pretty common, especially at this time of the year. Moms are really scared when children get sunburn. There are different remedies and you don’t even need the most expensive commercial products.

Check out how to treat children’s sunburn >>

children's sunburn

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Tips for money saving moms

July 62011

I really like It always has some great tips for moms. I came across its tips for money saving moms. I’m pretty sure that you can save some serious money with them. Lets see a couple of tips from real moms:

  • You can clean the majority of surfaces in your home with vinegar and baking soda. It costs a lot less and smells better.
  • You can create visual aids for your activities using cereal boxes, scrap paper (the unprinted side is as good as a new piece of paper), and all sorts of packaging materials that you can collect from your monthly groceries. I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s good for the environment too!
  • Make your own bread – tastes better and you know what it’s made from.
  • Dish soap can be used at half strength and be used to refill the pump soap in the bathroom.  - I never thought about this before but it’s a great idea too.
  • Buy things online – they often offer free shipping and great online discounts.
  • Don’t spend your money on expensive and useless toys for your kids. Be creative and i.e. make paper mache at home. You will only need some  shredded paper waste, cheap white flour, school glue and some tempera.
  • Stock up at sales – you’ll definitely save money in this way.

To read more money saving tips for frugal moms, please click here


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Cloth diapers for Newborns

June 302011

It’s always a dilemma which one to choose when you are a mom of  a newborn. Many moms are scared of leaks and blow-outs. Thanks to Amy from Alphamom I learnt a lot today about cloth diapers.

So if you’re interested in cloth diapers and you need advice on how to use them you should check this out >>


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Uses for baby wipes

June 282011

My favorite site came up with great ideas again – thank you Parenthecks :)

You can use baby wipes in different ways, they are really handy, check it out how you can use them in your everyday life:

  • you can clean your car’s dashboard
  • if you are in a restaurant and your baby needs a highchair you can clan that too
  • you can also clean fingerprints and crayon marks off the wall
  • kids can help you to wipe down kitchen board after lunch etc.
  • baby wipes can also help you to remove smudges from mirrors
  • you can remove makeup with them
  • they also help you to remove deodorant stains from dark clothes
  • you can clean shopping cart handles with them

If you want to read more ideas from real parents you find them here >>


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Frugal kitchen tips for frugal moms

June 142011

One of my favorite sites is Tipsnut because they always come up with great frugal ideas. I just love them. I found these great frugal kitchen tips. Let me share a couple of them with you:

  • Try bulk cooking and you can save serious money on food. The site also teaches you how to cook once a month – it’s really useful.
  • Don’t buy expensive cereals but make your own breakfast instead – find out how to cook oatmeal.
  • Use powdered milk instead of fresh when you bake – it’s much cheaper.
  • Never throw out bread because you can always make great croutons, bread crumbs etc.

Learn more frugal kitchen tips >>

frugal kitchen tips

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Turn a crib side rail into a magazine rack

June 132011

Frugal moms and dads can always come up with great ideas. This crib side rail is one of favorites. Just have a look at this:

frugal design ideas

It’s amazing what you can do with an unused crib rail. :) I just love it.

If you want more frugal design ideas check them out here

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Video – Frugal mom helps family get out of debt

June 92011

This video may be 2 years old but there are many things that we ca learn from this frugal mom. Check out this great video:

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Video – Frugal living tips

June 22011

I came across this great video about frugal living tips – it’s definitely worth to watch.

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Frugal parent tips

May 312011

How to be a frugal parent? What are the best tips to be frugal but give everything to your kids?

I came across this site called The Simple Dollar where ultra-frugal parents share their money saving tips. Here they are:

  • Use cloth wipes instead of paper wipes: buy towels at yard sales, wash them, cut them up and use them as cloth wipes. You can use them when you change the diapers or cleaning up faces. You can wash them and re-use them. You’ll save a lot of money and on top of that you protect the planet too.
  • Use different spices: when you make basic food from meat, beans, vegetable or fruit you can make it tastier when you spice it.
  • Buy open-ended and imagination based toys: they cost less and they help your children to use their imaginations.
  • Buy end-rolls of newspaper what you can use as wrapping paper and the kids can draw on it too.
  • Cut their hair at home: when kids are smaller you can cut their hair at home. When they get older they may become picky:)

Read the rest of the frugal parenting tips here >>

frugal parenting

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Frugal living – daily money saving tips for moms

May 102011

Frugal living is becoming more and more important. Who doesn’t want to save some money on shopping?

Get your money saving tips for moms today >>

If you want to:

Discover the best places to travel on a dime
Learn tips to help you build your wealth
Plan the perfect dinner party for under $10 per person
Understand and manage debt
Get beauty tricks for any budget
  • Discover the best places to travel on a dime
  • Learn tips to help you build your wealth
  • Plan the perfect dinner party for under $10 per person
  • Understand and manage debt
  • Get beauty tricks for any budget

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