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May 22012

As you probably know from my previous blog post has changed its name to but it has even more interesting features than before. It’s good to know how to use the new EverydayFamily site so let me introduce it to you.

It’s actually simple as ever. Once you become a member – which is 100% free – you can have access to a great number of features and offerings on the site. It’s really great and useful for new moms and for the whole family too.

So what are these features? – let’s check them out:

  • My Everyday: where you can have your own blog, you can have friends, you can upload your favorite photos and you can also save your activities and track them.
  • Badges: you can collect your badges. You can earn these badges through your community activity. More badges mean more more benefits on the site.
  • Photo contents and galleries: once you uploaded your favorite photos you can also share the link with your friends. The good thing about it that you can vote for your little angel :)
  • Checklists and interactive tools: you can prepare really useful checklists and to-do-lists on the site. They come extremly handy when you i.e. have to pack your hospital bag or plan you life ahead. Everything is really simple and fun because you can use these really cool interactive tools on the site. You don’t have to print out these checklists because they are saved in My Everyday but you can always go back and print them out – it’s up to you.
  • The Community Chalkboard and Blogs: there are several great bloggers on the site who will share their parenting experience with you. They have experience on a wide range of subjects so it’s really useful. When you have a particular question or you’re interested in a topic then you can check it out on the Community Chalkboard.
  • Coupons and free stuff for your baby: When you become an member you will also have access to several free baby coupons, you can also participate in sweepstakes and print out great money saving grocery coupons. (No purchase or anything like that needed on the site).
  • Quiz: you can also participate in quizzes.

So this is the new site which I really like and I hope you’ll like it too. Check it out on youtube how to use the site, I’m sure it will be really helpful:

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EverydayFamily review

April 242012 has changed its name but it has even more and better offers for mom and baby, free baby coupons and samples than before. EverydayFamily is in contact with big baby brands that’s why they can provide special offers for new parents.

What does EverydayFamily offer:

  • free samples
  • free baby coupons
  • pregnancy magazines
  • parenting magazines
  • special offers for moms and babies
  • sweepstakes
  • and many more.

The good thing about it that all offers are fulfilled directly by the participating company sponsor. These great offers are added all the time so you can get brand new coupons and samples.

What kind of sponsor offers are available when somebody joins EverydayFamily:

  • Gerber
  • Fisher-Price
  • Enfamil
  • Pampers
  • Babytalk
  • Huggies
  • American Baby Magazine
  • Disney
  • The Bump
  • Prilosec
  • Gerber Life Grow-up plan

Join EverydayFamily today and get these great baby coupons and offers day-by-day.

Just click on the banner to get started:


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