Free stuff for kids – top 5 tips

June 122012

You don’t actually have to break the bank to find some free stuff for kids. The following tip won’t cost you a dime and the whole family will enjoy it. It’s 100% fun and it’s 100% free!

  1. Visit city parks and playgrounds: all city parks have playgrounds that your child can use for free. The biggest cities in the US have great parks where you can enjoy yourself. Central Park in New York is a huge outdoor place where they offer many free programs for families.
  2. Strolling with kids: You can go for a stroll in any big cities of the US. You can go for the tourist zone i.e. in San Francisco where they have street performers – jogglers, clowns, magicians –  all day long.
  3. Free museums: you can live anywhere in the US – or even in the world – you’ll find free mueums i.e. science mueum or natural history museum which can be fascinating for a child. In New York City the Metropolitan Museum of Art has only “recommended” prices, it’s actually up to you how much donation you’ll give.
  4. Parades: Kids enjoy parades, they are great fun. Organize a visit to New York City, DC, Boston, Savannah or even to Phoenix on March 17 when “Everybody’s Irish”.
  5. Fireworks: Kids love fireworks too, just think about Fourth of July. It’s free to see and it’s 100% fun.

You can find many other free stuff for kids. You can google it and I’m sure you’ll find some free stuff that you can do in your local community too.








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Free things to do in NYC

September 82010

Moms can have fun for free in NYC too. Where else but in New York can you take in a jazz recital in the morning, a movie or free yoga at the park and free theater in the evening without handing over a dime?

That’s the promise of which is devoted to sourcing the world’s greatest city for the best free events. You can find everything there.
From free Tai Chi classes to film screenings and book readings or salsa classes.

I think the beauty of the site is it lets you know what’s on the cards well in advance.

Lets see what are the pros of this site: (I couldn’t find any cons)

  • easy-to-read listings give a rundown of times
  • you find places and contact details easily
  • there’s a kids’ section where you can track down fun for your kids too; for example free créches if you need some child-free time for shopping

Club freeTime: free Culture and free entertainment in New York City! Click here...

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