Do you give your baby diaper free time?

October 182010

I was reading about diapers and I came across this interesting topic.

Well, this is a good question and the opinions are very different on this topic. Some parents think that is very healthy for the babies’ skin so it is important to give diaper free time. Other parents are a bit more careful.

You can check out the discussion on it >>> Diaper free time

Free baby diapers

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Preparing toddlers for their first Halloween

October 152010

I have many favorite sites and one of them is You get real advice from real parents and that’s what I like about it.

Recently one of the parents raised the following question:

How do you get a 2 year-old prepared for Halloween? In other words, how do you get them to understand the concept of trick or treating and wearing a costume? Our son is going to be an oompa loompa (original version of course), but how do we get him excited about it?

You can read the answers here

There are so many things on Halloween on the site, like:

  • Give toys instead of candy
  • Prolong the life of cut pumpkins with petroleum jelly
  • New-sew modular Halloween costumes
  • and much more

Happy Hoosier Halloween

Spirit of Halloween Coupons

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Free baby coupons – baby skin care

October 112010

Free baby coupons can save you money when it comes to baby skin care products too. But you have to be always careful with baby skin care products.

Why? Becaues a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and you have to keep an eye on what kind of products to use. Our skin – the adult skin – is completely different, that’s why the difference between baby and adult skin care products.

The most important things about baby skin care products:

  • Infant skin is really sensitive and it’s formed before they are born, it is in the dark before they are born and it is in liquid until the baby is born. With age our skin thickens but when it’s young it’s very thin and vulnerable.
  • pH level is important: keep the baby’s pH level between 4-6
  • Avoid baby skin care products that contain animal products or any  by-products.
  • No fragrance: avoid baby skin care products that have fragrance, it’s different with our skin care products.
  • Look for the ‘paediatrician and dermatologist’ tested sign on the bottle.
  • Avoid Sodium Laural Sulfate at all costs because it clogs the pores.
  • Baby care industry is a huge industry in the  world, in the US alone it brings 7.5 billion (!!) dollars in every year. Well that’s a lot of money, so moms should be educated abou the different baby products.

So what is good for your baby’s sensitive skin:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Oat extract
  • Shea butter

These are the most important elements in baby skin care products.

Buy products that are dermatologically tested and their pH level is between 4 and 6  and your baby’s skin will be healthy and fine. Infants’ skin have to face a lot of challenges but when you keep these tips in mind you don’t have to worry about it.

Baby skin care

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Top 3+1 Halloween Coupons, Gifts & Treats

October 62010

This is my recommendation for the top 3+1 Halloween coupons, gifts and treats for moms and for the little ones. They are horribly sweet :)

1. Free Halloween Costumes and Supplies

Get a 250$ Kmart or Sears Gift card for your free Halloween Supplies, candy an decorations. Enter your Zip code to participate >>

2. Vote for your favorite Halloween Treat!

Vote for your favorite Halloween Treat. What is your favorite Hershey’s or Butterfinger? Vote for your favorite treat and get a 250$ Visa gift card and BIG bag of candy HERE

3. Halloween Jackpot Sweepstakes

Just enter your e-mail address and name to participate in the big Halloween Jackpot Drawing to win 1,000,000,00.$ If you sign up for their newsletter you can also win 500$ cash prize or a free iPad. Click here to enter in the Halloween Jackpot Sweepstakes

+1  What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Vote for your favorite Halloween candy! Which is the best? Vote for your favorite and get $100 worth of FREE Halloween Candy HERE >>

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Freebies for your birthday

October 52010

Yeah, that’s true you can get freebies for your birthday. There a many restaurants and retailers offer you free stuff on your birthday.

CBS news said that: “Of course, there’s often a string or two attached — like signing up for the company newsletter or rewards program – but you may well think it’s worth it, when you see what you can get!”

If you are interested in which restaurants and retailers are nice with you on your birthday, check out the article below:

birthday freebies

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