Practical tips on how to get free baby gifts

March 202012

Baby stuff costs a fortune – every mom knows that. Who doesn’t like to get free baby gifts? I love getting freebies and free baby stuff. I’d like to share a couple of practical tips on how to get free baby gifts for your baby:

  • Get in touch with baby manufacturing companies: try to get in touch with big brand companies such as Heinz, Huggies, Nestle, Pampers, Gerber or Johnson & Johnson (the list is basically endless) and ask them for free gifts. They usually offer free baby gifts, free baby coupons and free baby stuff. Sometimes you have to send an email to them or sometimes you have to call them. Don’t worry about the cost of the calls because these companies use toll-free numbers. Once you contacted them they will send you free baby gifts by mail. The good thing about them that there’s no obligation to buy any stuff. You can compare different brands but you don’t have to spend a dime.
  • Check out websites that offer free products: there are loads of sites on the Internet that offer free stuff – from free baby gifts to free
    diapers. You can save some serious money with them and your life can become a bit easier because you don’t have to spend a fortune on everything. You can google i.e. certain keywords like “free baby gifts”, “free baby coupons” or even “free baby samples”. You’ll be surprised how many results you’ll get. You can find amazing baby freebies from baby bibs, baby toys and free parenting videos.

Every mom wants the best to her baby but without spending a fortune. Try these tips and you’ll get some amazing free baby gifts without any cost.

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