How to dress your newborn

July 262012

I’m going to be a first time mom and to be honest I have to learn everything. It sounds really easy but I have to learn how to dress my newborn baby too. That’s why I love the Internet because you can find anything and everything, even how to dress your newborn.

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How to get free baby diapers – tips for young moms

July 242012

It’s always great to get some free baby stuff especially free baby diapers because they will cost a lot of money. Let’s check out together how to get them:

  • Baby fairs and expos: always check out when is the next baby fair or expo in your neighborhood because you can meet loads of vendors who will give away samples, free baby diapers and great little goodie bags for babies.
  • Always ask for diapers: if anybody asks you or calls you whether you need anything always mentions diapers. Ask for diapers as a baby shower gift. Don’t be shy, everybody knows that diapers are expensive.
  • You can also switch to cloth diapers, first they are much more environmentally friendly, second you don’t have to buy thousands of them. I agree they are more work but on the long term they will save you money.
  • Try to find free coupons and discount coupons online. There are loads of them, just keeps your eyes open.

I hope these tips will help you to get some free baby diapers.

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What is cradle cap

July 192012

Many moms are scared when she notices that her little baby has cradle cap. First it’s important to know what cradle cap is and how to treat it. It may seem bad but it’s not as serious although it’s important to treat it.

First let’s see what cradle cap is:

Cradle cap (infantile or neonatal seborrhoeic dermatitis, also known as crusta lactea, milk crust, honeycomb disease) is a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of recently born babies. It is usually not itchy, and does not bother the baby. Cradle cap most commonly begins sometime in the first 3 months. Similar symptoms in older children are more likely to be dandruff than cradle cap. The rash is often prominent around the ear, the eyebrows or the eyelids. It may appear in other locations as well, where it is called seborrhoeic dermatitis rather than cradle cap. Some countries use the term pityriasis capitis for cradle cap. It is extremely common, with about half of all babies affected. Most of them have a mild version of the disorder. Severe cradle cap is rare.


How to treat cradle cap:

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Why baby massage is important

July 122012

Baby massage or infant massage is getting more and more popular.  Why baby massage is important? It can help your baby when he or she is colicy. It’s also a great way to communicating with your baby, it also calms him or her.

I’ve came across this great video on baby massage, how you can start it. I think it’s pretty useful:

If you’re interested you can aslo read about on Wikipedia:

Ayurvedic medicine in ancient India taught the use of infant massage. It was also has been encouraged in China during the Qing dynasty. At present it is part of traditional childcare in South Asia and elsewhere where daily massage by mothers is seen as “instilling fearlessness, hardening bone structure, enhancing movement and limb coordination, and increasing weight”. Other areas where infant massage is regularly used are African countries and areas in the former Soviet Union. In Western culture, infant massage has been increasingly used in neonatal intensive care units for pre-term infants who are in stressful environments and have limited tactile stimulation.


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Free baby samples for new moms – how to get some free stuff in the mail every week

July 102012

Do you also want to get some free stuff in the mail every week? If your answer is yes then keep reading this post because we’ll find out how to do it.

  1. First of all you have to look for samples online. There are great sites where you can find free baby samples and other freebies too.
  2. You will usually find links to third-party sites that offer free baby samples for new moms.
  3. Then you will find a form that you will have to fill out and give your:
    - name
    - address
    - email address
    - sometimes phone number too.
    It’s smart to set up a separate email account because you’ll receive many emails and you may want to keep these emails separated from your private ones. When you give your phone number be prepared that you may get telemarketing calls. There are different free samples where you don’t have to provide them with your phone number – it depends on you whether you want to share it with them or not.
  4. You just have to repeat this a couple of time and you’ll be amazed how much free stuff you’ll get in the mail. Sometimes it’s easier to use an auto-fill program because you can save some time with it.

Happy money saving!



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Teething problems for babies

July 52012

Teething can cause a lot of trouble for babies. It’s a natural process but it’s still very painful.  It can begin when your baby is 3-month-old, it usually happens between 4 and 7 months.

According to

The first teeth to appear usually are the two bottom front teeth, also known as the central incisors. They’re usually followed 4 to 8 weeks later by the four front upper teeth (central and lateral incisors). About a month later, the lower lateral incisors (the two teeth flanking the bottom front teeth) will appear.

Next to break through are the first molars (the back teeth used for grinding food), then finally the eyeteeth (the pointy teeth in the upper jaw). Most kids have all 20 of their primary teeth by their third birthday. (If your child experiences significant delay, speak to your doctor.)

What are the teething symptoms:

The level of pain that a baby can handle will be different for each child. Some may be a lot fussier than others while they are teething. The soreness and swelling of the gums before a tooth comes through is the cause for the pain and fussiness a baby experiences during this change. These symptoms usually begin about three to five days before the tooth shows, and they disappear as soon as the tooth breaks the skin. Some babies are not even bothered by teething.


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