6 ways to get free baby products

March 62012

I’d like to share 6 ways to get free baby products like diapers, baby magazines, baby food, baby gear and baby clothes.
Let’s get cracking:

  1. Free Baby Magazine subscription: baby magazines are great because they contain loads of useful information for new moms. There are different baby magazines like American Baby or Babytalk and other parenting magazines. Check them out because you can always request some free copies of these magazines. They can come really handy.
  2. Free diapers: if you want to get free diapers or free diaper samples you have to join different reward programs – Huggies, Pampers etc. You can also sign up for different diaper companies mailing lists to get free diapers for your baby. You can try different brands then you can decide which one is the best for your newborn  baby.
  3. Free baby formula: There are different baby formulas on the market, you can choose supermarket brands i.e. Walmart or big brands like Enfamil. Supermarket brands are usually cheaper but that doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be your baby’s favorite. Try different brands and see which one your baby prefers. In this way you can get small baby formula samples and even full sized containers of free baby formula. So save money on baby food and baby formula and contact as many baby formula companies as possible.
  4. Free baby stuff from Huggies: You can join Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Program. In order to do that you have to collect Huggies points off Huggies diapers and different Huggies products. You can collect these points pretty easily and then redeem them for gift certificates or free coupons. They are pretty useful when you have a baby.
  5. Free samples of baby stuff: There are many places where you can get free samples for your baby – from free baby wipes to free medicine. You just have to keep your eyes open and check out every possibilities.
  6. Free baby stuff from Pampers: Like Huggies Pampers has also a great reward program. It’s called Pampers Gifts to Grow where you have to collect codes off Pampers diapers and different Pampers products – same way as you do with Huggies. Then these codes can be redeemd for free baby food, free toys or even gift cards.

 So these are the 6 best ways to get some useful free baby products. The good thing is that you can always save money with them.

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Free baby products

April 202011

Baby products can be rather expensive. When you make a list how much baby stuff you will need when your baby arrives: baby diapers, baby formula, toys, cribs … – the list is endless. Fortunately there is always a way to get free stuff for moms.

Lets see how you can collect free baby products:

  1. Ask your doctor
    Many pediatricians or obstetricians have free baby products but these samples may not bi given out to everybody so ask for them.
  2. Internet
    You can find many free baby products online. There are great baby related sites where you can sign up and you will get free baby samples, baby formula samples or even free diapers.
  3. Parenting and Pregnancy Magazines
    Parenting and pregnancy magazines are moms best friends. Why? Because you can join their mailing lists. In exchange you will get baby lotions, diapers, diaper bags, bottles and many more baby stuff.
  4. Baby product manufacturers
    Call baby products manufacturers. Many companies are happy to send you free baby products you just have to ask for them. Every manufacturer has a customer service line so give them a call.
  5. Ask family members and friends
    Ask your friends and family members who have older kids because they definitely have some outgrown baby clothes or unwanted toys. I’m sure they will help you out.
  6. Baby contests
    You can participate in contests where you can win free baby products ie. diapers, baby formula. It’s a long shot but it’s worth to try. You never know.

Free baby products

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