Baby naming laws from around the world

April 262012

Parents want to have a great names for their children but there are some people who wants to give very funny or unique names. I think it’s a good idea that there are baby naming laws in several countries so at least the law can protect children to give them very weird names. Many parents don’t even think about that their children have to live with those names in their entire life. has collected many countries where there are strict laws to name a child:

Denmark: This Scandinavian country has several laws in place in order to protect children from parents trying to be funny or unique in their naming choices. A New York Times article attributes this to the country’s philosophy of “sameness, not uniqueness.” Strict laws require parents seeking to name their child something other than one of the 7,000 government-approved names must get their choice officially approved by Copenhagen University’s Names Investigation Department.

They also mention New Zealand:

This country has a running list of names banned from the official registrar — in 2011, they banned Lucifer after three sets of parents tried to register this name. Also on the list? Messiah, Mr., 89, and C. Additionally, names such as King, Duke, and Judge have been shot down on the basis that they sound too much like titles.

You can read the rest of the article here: 

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EverydayFamily review

April 242012 has changed its name but it has even more and better offers for mom and baby, free baby coupons and samples than before. EverydayFamily is in contact with big baby brands that’s why they can provide special offers for new parents.

What does EverydayFamily offer:

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What kind of sponsor offers are available when somebody joins EverydayFamily:

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Food on the table coupon code – April

April 242012

Use the following Food on the table coupon code in this month and get the premium service for FREE for life.

Food on the table coupon code: SPRINGFREE

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  • weekly meal plans
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Dad-to-be facts – mom-to-be’s should read it too

April 182012

I’m a mom-to-be, I’m going to have our baby in May and I know by now that it’s hard to be a dad-to-be. It’s not easy to deal with a pregnant woman whose world is upside down and can only talk about her baby :) That’s why I found’s article really interesting. Let me share it with you.

According to Louann Brizendine:

In her book The Male Brain: A Breakthrough Understanding of How Men and Boys Think, neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Louann Brizendine says there’s much more to men during pregnancy than meets the eye. It turns out the transition from man to dad is fraught with very real physical, emotional, and hormonal shifts as his mate’s term progresses. Based on this insight into the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the male brain, here are seven things to expect from him when you’re expecting.

Another suprising fact about dad-to-be’s:

Science has known for a while that the mother’s estrogen and progesterone nearly triple while she’s pregnant, but, as it turns out, the father’s hormones get affected too. Certain pheromones sneak out of the mother’s sweat glands, causing his testosterone to decrease and his prolactin — the “Mr. Mom” hormone — to increase. All of this hormonal re-jiggering stimulates his paternal instincts. Basically, as boy brain turned to man brain during puberty, man brain is slowly converting to daddy brain during pregnancy.

Want to know more about this interesting process then check this out:


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Brand new money saving coupons

April 172012

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Free coupons no download – where to find them

April 162012


Most of us want to find free coupons where no download required. You can save a lot of money on your next grocery when you have coupons what you can use in your local grocery store. You basically need a computer and a printer to get these coupons. No registration and no download required.

So how to get free coupons – no download:

  1. First you should decide what you need. Check your grocery at home and make a list so you’ll know what you’ll need to buy.
  2. You can visit a coupon site where you can just print out the coupons without any registration. Other sites may require registration where you have to enter your details (name, address, email address). You can also go directly to the manufacturers’ website.
  3. When you visit a coupon site you can search by brand or category such as diaper coupons, baby formula coupons etc. You can also search by specific products i.e. Pampers or Clorox coupons. It makes your life easier. When you check your grocery list you have to look for coupons for each and every item. I know it takes time but it’s worth it.
  4. You also have to find out whether your local grocery store accepts your coupons or the coupons that you printed from the Internet. You can call or you can visit the store’s courtesy desk to find out. When you find several shops that accept coupons you can also compare their prices so can also find out who has the best prices.

In this way you can save money on your next grocery bill and you don’t even have to register yourself anywhere.


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Tips for mom-to-be’s

April 122012

Watch out mom-to-be’s because babble. com has collected 50 rules for a new born son, just a couple of examples from this cool list:

  • Have a favorite song. It doesn’t have to be hip. (The best ones never are.)
  • Until you are a doctor, never answer your phone at the table. That goes for emails, texts, and tweets.
  • If you get yourself arrested, call me. You get one free pass.
  • Help a buddy move.
  • Don’t panic.
  • If you ignore history, it will ignore you.

I think they are great, don’t you? :)


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Deals for mommy coupons and samples

April 112012

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  • free samples
  • local savings
  • weekly coupons
  • daily deals.

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Free baby diapers for babies – 5 useful tips

April 102012

Diapers cost a fortune but as a young mom be prepared because your baby will need them – loads of them. Now you can learn how to get free diapers for babies:

  1. There are several programs like WIC (Women, Infants and Children) or TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) that can help you. They won’t give you free diapers but give you other free items so you can free up some money to buy diapers.
  2. Manufacturer’s site can also be really helpful to get some free baby diapers. You can sign up for different coupons and they will mail them to you or you can also get printable coupons that will be emailed to you.
  3. When you visit department stores or restaurants sometimes their restrooms have disposable diapers. You can always take one but please don’t be greedy (it’s not nice).
  4. There are several contests online where you can enter. Just Google “diaper giveaway” or you can try it on Twitter too. Mom blogs also offer you free diapers as a prize. You just have to look for them.
  5. Rebate offers can also save you some money when it comes to diapers i.e. Sunday papers have rebate offers. If you have some free time just follow the steps and send in your receipt and UPC code and you’ll get a free pack of diapers.

To be continued …

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Breastfeeding problems

April 52012

I’m in my 34th week at the moment and I’m reading various articles on breastfeeding. My favorite site – has always something new. I came across this great article from Debbie Koenig about breastfeeding.

Let me share them with you:

Harry was born at 37 weeks exactly, not early enough to be considered premature, but early enough to have two problems common to near-term babies: jaundice and a poor suck. (Later I learned that they’re intertwined — my boy was yellow because he wasn’t getting enough from my breasts.)

The pediatrician kept Harry in the hospital for an extra night. I’m pretty sure that was the worst night of my life — leaving the hospital without my newborn was heart-wrenching enough, but knowing that they would be feeding him formula sent me over the edge. I’d been a bit brainwashed, you see. I’d come to believe that formula would somehow hurt my baby (breast is best!), and that introducing a bottle in the first days would put him off breastfeeding forever. I know: It’s a hospital.

Read the rest of the article by clicking the link: Moms need to eat too 


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