Breastfeeding basics for new moms

May 312012

It’s not easy to be a new mom you have to basically learn everything i.e how to breast feed your baby if you decide to nurse him/her. Fortunately there’s a lot of help on the Internet. Videos, explanations on the breastfeeding basics for new moms. It’s really helpful.

I really like Babycenter because it offers help for new moms. They have basically a “breastfeeding section” where they write:

The first time you hold your newborn in the delivery room is a great time to start breastfeeding. At the beginning, your body will produce small amounts of a special milk called colostrum that will help protect your baby from infection.

You’ll also get information on:

  • How to start breastfeeding
  • How often you should nurse
  • How to get comfortable
  • What you should eat
  • Problems you may encounter
  • Where to get help and many more

You can check the breastfeeding guide below:
Breastfeeding basics for new moms  


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How to get free baby samples

May 292012

Image by

I’m actually an expecting moms and I’m a frugal one too so I always want to find some free baby samples. and ways to save money on different baby products. Baby products cost a lot of money – it’s a fact but there are always different tips and tricks on how to get some free and quality baby stuff.

Getting baby stuff is a great thing because you can try different baby stuff before you buy them. In this way you can save some money and you won’t end up with baby stuff that you don’t really need or don’t really want. Your baby will get everything he or she needs but only the best. Just one example: the money you can save on diapers you can spend on quality organic baby food. Doesn’t is sound great?

Always get in touch with family and friends who have kids because almost every family has some baby stuff that they don’t need any more. They may be used clothes but a baby doesn’t really wear out baby clothes. They also have baby furniture, baby gear or baby toys that can be useful for you.

The best advice I can give is to contact big brand baby companies that give away free baby samples. These companies want you to try their products so you’ll buy them in the future. Fotunately you don’t have to buy anything you can just try their stuff. Just imagine that you buy a can of baby formula for 25dollar and it doesn’t fit your baby. Try as many baby products as possible then you can choose which one suits your baby best.

The other tip I can give is to sign up with different baby programs i.e. Baby to Bee. Once you sign up with them you can get free baby samples, free baby diapers, baby formula, baby magazines and many more free baby stuff. Believe me you’ll end up with loads of baby stuff with no cost. They will send you great samples by mail but you’ll also get emails that usually contains very useful information on how to care for your baby, how to save money, how to make baby food and so on. Signing up is completely free so it won’t cost you a dime.

Why not to take advante of these great opportunities. You just have to know where to look and you’ll save some serious money on different baby products.

Happy money saving!

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How to bathe a baby – video

May 242012

A great and really useful video on how to bathe a baby. It’s a step by step guide on how to do it from a trained nurse.
Check it out now:

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How to change a diaper – video

May 172012

It’s important to learn how to change a diaper. I have to be honest –  I didn’t know how to do it properly but I learnt it too. That’s why I like the Internet you can find anything and everything when you need it:

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Coupons for babies – how to get baby formula coupons online

May 152012

Baby formula and baby food can be quite expensive and newborn babies need loads of them. Every mom wants to best baby formula for her baby but you want to save money on them at the same time. Let’s see how you can get coupons for babies from different websites:

  • Baby Formula Manufacturers’ site: Always check out the big baby formula manufacturers’ websites because they always put up different baby formula coupons. They are usually new products that they would like to promote. You can print them out from the site and you can take them with you when you want to buy some baby food or baby formula.
  • Coupon Sites: There are many coupon websites online and they offer tons of different coupons – from baby formula to every type of grocery products. These are usually everyday items like:
    - baby food
    - baby wipes
    - baby diapers
    - grocery products: bread, milk, meat
    Try to stick to coupons and do not buy anything without them because you can save a lot of money. You can also print out these coupons from the coupon websites and you can use them straightaway.
  • Grocery Store Sites: They also have plenty of great money saving coupons for moms. They usually offer you coupons off the total purchase. There’s always a minimum purchase though. When you do your next grocery shopping take your grocery store coupons with you and you’ll save some serious money on everyday items but also on baby formula and baby food.

Check out these different site and keep your eyes open because it’s really worth it. Happy Money Saving!

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10 great surviving tips for new moms

May 102012

Are you a:

  • busy
  • sleep deprived
  • tired
  • healing new mom?

Then this great list is for you. Digitalmom from has made a very useful list for new moms, if you need help then this is definitely for you: 10 things that will help you survive after having a baby

Digitalmoms writes:

After 4 kids, I will say that there are a few things that helped me remain sane. Hopefully these will help you if you are a new mom, or a friend who has recently had a baby.


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How to make a burp cloth

May 32012

Austyn's uptown burp cloth
Burp clothes are really useful when you have a baby. You can use a cloth diaper as a burp cloth or you can buy some but you can also make nice burp clothes for your baby.

Why do you need them? – Because newborn babies spit up when they are burped. So you need something to clean it up. A burp cloth should be soft and it needs to provide a strong shield for the clothing of the person who is burping the baby.

I came across a couple of really nice burp cloths patterns let’s check them out together:
15+ ways to make a baby burp cloth 


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Raising Kids on a Budget

May 22012

Guest Post: This article was written by Ella Davidson of strives to provide consumers with the best savings options and information. Their work has appeared on notable financial news channel, CNBC.

There may be no challenge more difficult or more frequently experienced than raising a child on a tight budget. As insurmountable as the task may sometimes seem, families have been finding a way to give their children the good life without breaking the bank since the dawn of recorded history. There are as many ways to raise a child as there are children, but at the end of the day, the secret to raising a child comfortably without going into debt is cutting costs without cutting essentials and finding good substitutes for the products and necessities that cost parents a lot of money.

One perfect example of this philosophy is baby food. So called “Premium” baby foods, like those made by Gerber or Carnation Baby, may come premade, but compared to the price of the actual ingredients, store bought baby food costs a fortune. Using a simple blender and household foods like bananas, apples, peaches and carrots, parents looking to save a buck while providing their children food with fewer preservatives and chemicals can go the homemade route. Parents not satisfied with a regular blender can also invest in inexpensive equipment like a hand-turned food mill.

Similarly, parents willing to trade a little elbow grease for a lot of money can use cloth diapers instead of Pampers or Huggies. Sure, there’s money spent on washing and drying and effort put into dealing with diapers, but the sheer number of diapers thrown away by parents who buy their diapers in a store really adds up, and quickly. Babies aren’t going to remember whether they wore brand name diapers when they’re grown up, and will likely appreciate having a little extra money lying around for when they’re older.

Another easy way to save a bundle without sacrificing quality when raising kids on a budget is by buying clothing second hand whenever possible. Some people associate a negative stigma with second hand clothing, but in reality, children grow so quickly and put their clothes through such incredible wear and tear that getting clothes at thrift stores, yard sales, and even from relatives or friends as hand me downs just makes good sense. Since so many small children either grow out of clothes, are given non-returnable clothes that they don’t like or don’t fit them, or are just plain picky, thrift stores and yard sales alike are filled with practically (and sometimes literally) untouched and unworn brand name clothing for kids. A cursory glance at the shelves of many thrift stores would be enough to find some clothing with original tags still intact!

Perhaps the most important way that parents can provide their children with a good life without breaking the bank is by finding creative and sensitive ways to instill a sense of value and money in their children at an early age. Anything from a chart of chores and rewards to a simple regular allowance can help kids understand that everything has a value, and that things like clothes, food and toys don’t come for free. Taking steps to establish a sense of value and cost in children serves dual purposes: for one thing, children raised in a household where money is tight come to understand and subsequently not mind the fact that they can’t have literally everything they ever want when they want it. Furthermore, children who understand costs are more likely to grow up to be frugal, intelligent consumers as adults.

While raising kids is never exactly easy, doing so with a tight budget can be especially hard. By taking steps to be creative and frugal, parents can raise children who are happy, healthy, and responsible. Not a bad start.


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How to use

May 22012

As you probably know from my previous blog post has changed its name to but it has even more interesting features than before. It’s good to know how to use the new EverydayFamily site so let me introduce it to you.

It’s actually simple as ever. Once you become a member – which is 100% free – you can have access to a great number of features and offerings on the site. It’s really great and useful for new moms and for the whole family too.

So what are these features? – let’s check them out:

  • My Everyday: where you can have your own blog, you can have friends, you can upload your favorite photos and you can also save your activities and track them.
  • Badges: you can collect your badges. You can earn these badges through your community activity. More badges mean more more benefits on the site.
  • Photo contents and galleries: once you uploaded your favorite photos you can also share the link with your friends. The good thing about it that you can vote for your little angel :)
  • Checklists and interactive tools: you can prepare really useful checklists and to-do-lists on the site. They come extremly handy when you i.e. have to pack your hospital bag or plan you life ahead. Everything is really simple and fun because you can use these really cool interactive tools on the site. You don’t have to print out these checklists because they are saved in My Everyday but you can always go back and print them out – it’s up to you.
  • The Community Chalkboard and Blogs: there are several great bloggers on the site who will share their parenting experience with you. They have experience on a wide range of subjects so it’s really useful. When you have a particular question or you’re interested in a topic then you can check it out on the Community Chalkboard.
  • Coupons and free stuff for your baby: When you become an member you will also have access to several free baby coupons, you can also participate in sweepstakes and print out great money saving grocery coupons. (No purchase or anything like that needed on the site).
  • Quiz: you can also participate in quizzes.

So this is the new site which I really like and I hope you’ll like it too. Check it out on youtube how to use the site, I’m sure it will be really helpful:

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How to get baby food coupons – Gerber coupons

May 12012

In this tough financial climate moms have to be smart when it comes to baby food. They have to find baby food coupons and try different shopping techniques to save some money on baby food and on baby formula. The good news is that there are different ways to get free baby food coupons. Let’s check them out together:

  • Gerber website can be really helpful because they usually have coupons for different and healthy baby food. They also have a Special Offers section that offer printable Gerber baby food coupons for moms. You can usually print out these baby food coupons from their site and present at the check-out when you do your grocery shopping. You can get coupons for the following baby food:
    - Gerber cereals for baby
    - Gerber 2nd Foods
    - Gerber Graduates Baby Food
  • There are many grocery coupon websites that have printable or online baby food coupons for Gerber baby products. On these sites you can usually search for certain product types like baby food coupons or diaper coupons but you can also look for specific product names i.e Gerber food coupons or Huggies coupons etc.
  • Check out the circulars at your local grocery store – they usually place them near the front of the store (just to know where to look for them). These are weekly store circulars that can contain baby food coupons and sometimes they have an online circular too. So look out for them online.
  • If you want to go for clippable Gerber baby foor coupons then check out the Sunday newspaper. These papers have a pretty big coupon section so you can choose from different baby food coupons and grocery coupons too.

It’s always good to know whether your local grocery store accepts grocery coupons for other stores. If they do you can save some money and time (but they not always do). Try to find supermarkets that double coupons which means that you present a 50-cent coupon and you’ll get $1.00 off the purchase when the coupon is doubled. Check with your local store whether they accept online printed coupons because they not always do.

These tips will definitely help you to save money on baby food and on baby formula. So follow these tips and collect baby food coupons.


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