How to change a diaper in public – video

May 222013

It does happen to everybody that you have to change a diaper in public. It’s a natural thing but some people won’t like it. What’s the easiest and fastest way to change it in public:

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25 hilarious things that you shouldn’t buy for your baby

April 292013

Oh my God, I can’t believe this. Do moms actually buy these things? Because if they do … I know that you can basically sell anything to a mom-to-be and to new moms. These things are completely crazy, please have a look at them and tell me what you think about them:

It’s hard to pass up such novelties as the Baby Keeper (a contraption that hooks your baby to the door while you’re in the loo) and Baby Mop Onesie. Heck, I’d love to go to sleep and know my baby was safe in the arms of a…pillow?! That’s where the line is drawn. There’s a whole lot of needs when a baby comes, and I’m pretty sure these questionable baby products do not make the cut…

Just have a look at this infant pillow, it’s completely useless:

You can check the rest of the list here:Babble

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How to help your toddler to talk

April 92013

My son is 11 month old (he was just born and now almost 1 year old) and he starts talking but he only uses the gibberish baby talk which is so sweet. I love it and I know this is a very important step in a baby’s life. This is the beginning of the talking. I came across this interesting article about this topic and I found it really useful so I’m going to share it with you:

Your toddler’s gift of gab isn’t delivered with a bow on top. It’s more like a jabbering journey that starts with babbling and then single words and leads up to fully detailed accounts of what happened on the playground. But there’s a little milestone in the middle that makes the grand finale possible: learning to speak in sentences.

There are a couple of tips how to help your toddler over the two-word sentence hump:

  • Don’t finish her sentences or interrupt her. She’ll get frustrated if you frequently jump in — and may even give up on trying to speak in sentences.
  • Give her lots of opportunities to talk. Include her in your conversations with your partner and older children to give her a chance to chat.
  • Avoid baby talk. Speak clearly and simply, using real words and complete sentences so she can see how it’s done.
  • Narrate. As you go about your day with your little helper, talk about everything you’re doing together: “Let’s head down this aisle to get the chicken we’ll cook for dinner.”
  • Respond to her words with more words. If she yells “Chicken!” at the dinner table, say “Yes, we’re eating yummy chicken for dinner.” Add adjectives to the conversation and soon she will too.
  • Ask away. Two-sided conversations are a good way to boost language development because they help tiny talkers practice their new skills, so pose questions to your toddler that call for more than a yes or no answer. Just don’t pressure your pipsqueak for a reply if she’s not ready to give one.
  • Devote your full attention. Stay focused when she’s speaking. If you get distracted, she will too.

Source:  Starting to Speak in Sentences

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Dangerous things in your home for a child

February 62013

Fox Hollies Children's Centre and Hall Green Children's Centre - sign - children's safety

When you have a child you become more concerned about the safety of your house. You need to check which things can be dangerous because there are actually many so you have to be really careful.  It’s important to check everything because you can save yourself the stress. has another great article on this topic:

here are some times where I wonder what life would be life if I didn’t have children. My life would not be as fun, fulfilling or stress-filled and I wouldn’t want to change it for anything.

When you have kids, obviously your life changes. Sleep becomes less frequent and there are added things to your to-do list.

One thing that is added is being responsible for the safety of someone else — or they bring with them some generally harmless things that are actually harmful when you think about it. they can be harmful to your health, your child’s life, your sanity or even your house.

Click through to read the 8 generally harmless things that could become dangerous when you have kids.

So what are the most dangerous things in your home?

Probably the worst place is the Kitchen:

I love being in the kitchen and creating and trying out new recipes. I know there are some safety things to learn, but when you have kids the kitchen just seems so much more dangerous. According to the Department of Health and Environment in Kansas, “In 2004, approximately 2,300 children ages 14 and under died from unintentional injuries that occurred in the home and nearly 80 percent of these deaths were among children ages four and under. Most fatal injuries at home are caused by fire, suffocation, drowning, choking, falls, poisoning or firearms discharged unintentionally.” They suggest teaching kids the proper safety guidelines for the kitchen early and often.

You can check out the other dangerous things in your home for a child >>

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Mothers and sons photos

January 222013

This article made me cry. It was almost 9 month ago when I gave birth to my son and looking at these pictures made me really emotional. I always wanted a boy and I got one :)  Jessica Ashley who wrote this post has a son as well and she asked her readers to send photos of themselves ans their sons. I think it was a brilliant idea.

She writes:

I’d always imagined myself as a mother of many girls. Once that boy was in my arms, once I whispered my hellos, there was no space left for any other vision of motherhood.

I’m the girliest of girly girls. Loving and raising this boy has taught me volumes that far exceed the number of pages in What to Expect — on Star Wars and funky smells and manhood and Lego and costumes and itty-bitty boxer briefs and how to make balls (yes, those balls) make sense to a small child.

All of that cannot be covered in all the books in the world. But much of it can be captured in one simple photograph. I asked mothers to send me their favorite photos with their sons and to tell me why that single sweet, silly, momentous or everyday snapshot means so much to them.

Just take a look at these great photos, I love them:

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Baby milestones

December 122012

Moms are usually concerned what their baby will do when. It’s actually not a competition and babies are different. My seven-month-old can crawl however it’s not perfect but we’re getting there, he smiles a lot, he sleeps through the night (thanks god). He rolls over and sits unsupported but he can’t sit up on his own yet.

It’s so fascinating to see how he develops day-by-day. I just love it. I read about baby milestones on thebump site and I want to share with you.

We know, we know: Every kid hits milestones at his own pace — so, no, you shouldn’t freak out if yours doesn’t follow this guide to a tee. But it might be worth a talk with the doc if you’re worried or if baby misses a few biggies. “If it’s just one milestone that your child is a little behind on, mention it to your pediatrician,” says Tanya R. Altmann, MD, author of Mommy Calls(American Academy of Pediatrics, 2008). “But chances are, everything’s probably fine. However, if your child isn’t hitting multiple milestones across the board — not smiling and not rolling over, for example — then I would be a little more concerned.” Otherwise, be prepared for the following milestones to happen.

Sleeping Through the Night

When it’s likely to happen: Generally, after four months of age, an infant should be able to sleep at least six to eight hours straight without feeding, says Altmann. And by six months of age, they should be able to go at least 8 to 10 hours without a feeding.

How to encourage it: Let baby sleep! Slowly start extending the time between nighttime feedings until you get there. And don’t rush to pick up baby the moment she cries at night. She needs to learn that if she wakes in the night, she doesn’t need you to help her fall back asleep again.

What if baby misses the mark: If she’s not sleeping through the night by six to eight months, it might just be because you’re hitting the nursery too often at night, says Altmann, and you may want to consider backing off. But you may still want to mention it to your pediatrician — if baby keeps crying and can’t fall asleep, that can be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).


When it’s likely to happen: Baby should start crawling between six and nine months.

How to encourage it: Give baby plenty of tummy time and free playtime on the ground. “Get down on the ground with him and show him a bright-colored toy, move the toy a foot away from him and then coax him to move toward the object,” suggests Altmann.

What if baby misses the mark: Don’t stress — he may be right on track anyhow. “Many experts don’t consider crawling a milestone, because a lot of infants won’t crawl at all,” says Altmann. She usually tells parents her definition of crawling is simply the method baby uses to get from one place to another. He could be wriggling on his tummy, rolling, scooting — it doesn’t have to be the typical hand-and-knees crawl most parents visualize.

You can check out the rest here:


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12 things that we usually don’t know about babies

September 292012

There’re a lot of things that a new mom doesn’t know i.e why babies head look strange or why they are always hungry. Just an example from the article:

My baby’s head looks strange

You envisioned a picture-perfect Gerber baby — round, rosy, and oh-so-cute. If your newborn’s head looks a little strange and cone-shaped at first, that’s because he probably spent hours wedged in your pelvis. Openings in the skull allow it to mold its shape to fit through the birth canal. “This protects against skull fractures or brain injury during a vaginal delivery,” says Anne Hansen, M.D., a neonatologist at Children’s Hospital Boston and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

Other imperfections add to your baby’s temporary troll-like appearance. If he slid out on his nose, his nostrils may be a bit squashed. Fluids accumulated under his skin may make his eyes look swollen. And he may even have a few small bruises on his face and scalp if forceps or a vacuum extractor was used to deliver him. Your baby is a work of beauty in progress. Be patient, and he’ll soon become the angel you imagined.

You can read the rest on

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5 mistakes that new moms make

September 142012

Everybody makes mistakes not only new moms and dads. We may not be that experienced but we always learn from our mistakes. You can’t prepare yourself for everything but try your best. Check out these 5 tips that can be very helpful when you’re a new mom (or dad):

Crowded Public Places

Your baby is tiny and brand new. You may have obligations and events you want to attend but it’s not worth the risk, you don’t want a sick newborn. Stay home with your newborn for the first few weeks until your baby builds up his immune system. Avoid things like kid birthdays or crowded malls.

Sleeping Through the Night

Some parents get excited when their new born sleeps through the night, this isn’t a good thing at such a young age. A newborn may sleep through the night but you need to wake the child to feed them. Newborns need their nutrients about every 4 hours. If you let your baby sleep through the night it could cause her to develop jaundice and become sluggish making it harder for her to wake  up when she is hungry and need to bed fed. Check with your personal pediatrician to see when it is okay for them to sleep through the night.


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Get a Free Baby Carrier

September 52012

Get a Free Baby Carrier from Seven Slings. Just use promo code: “BABYSAVINGS” at checkout.
You can use the code more than once – you just have to open a new browser/window to do so. Shipping is $11.95.

Baby naming laws from around the world

April 262012

Parents want to have a great names for their children but there are some people who wants to give very funny or unique names. I think it’s a good idea that there are baby naming laws in several countries so at least the law can protect children to give them very weird names. Many parents don’t even think about that their children have to live with those names in their entire life. has collected many countries where there are strict laws to name a child:

Denmark: This Scandinavian country has several laws in place in order to protect children from parents trying to be funny or unique in their naming choices. A New York Times article attributes this to the country’s philosophy of “sameness, not uniqueness.” Strict laws require parents seeking to name their child something other than one of the 7,000 government-approved names must get their choice officially approved by Copenhagen University’s Names Investigation Department.

They also mention New Zealand:

This country has a running list of names banned from the official registrar — in 2011, they banned Lucifer after three sets of parents tried to register this name. Also on the list? Messiah, Mr., 89, and C. Additionally, names such as King, Duke, and Judge have been shot down on the basis that they sound too much like titles.

You can read the rest of the article here: 

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