How can I make teething easier

November 262012

My son is 6 month old, he already has 3 teeth and he’s teething at the moment. It quite painful for him, he’s a bit cranky, he has running nose which is also related to teething. I really want to help him that’s why I try to find as much information as I can online.

There’re a couple of great tips on KidsHealth site which can make teething a bit easier:

  • Because babies love to chew on things when they’re teething it’s a good idea to give your child something to chew on. You can buy rubber teething ring or cooling teethers, they are pretty good.
  • It’s important to choose something that’s not too hard because hard things can bruise the gums. Choose something that won’t break into smaller pieces. They have to be big enough so your baby won’t swallow them.
  • Rubbing your baby’s gums is also a good solution, just wash your hands thoroughly before.
  • Some babies like cool food when they’re teething.
  • If your baby is extremely cranky then you should consult with your doctor if it’s ok to give acetaminophen or ibuprofen to your baby (only if he/she’s older than 6 month).
  • Babies immune system can weaken when they’re teething so running nose, fewer are pretty common.
So what are the top 10 teething toys:
Sophie the Giraffe by Vulli®
Maybe it’s the texture of her “skin,” or the feel of her nubby horns on sore gums. Perhaps she’s extra-alluring because she comes from the French Alps. Whatever the reason, babies loooove Sophie. And, since this giraffe teether is made of natural rubber, food paint and no toxic gunk whatsoever, we moms are pretty much nuts about her too. Plus, there are chewable appendages sticking out every which way, a squeaker in the body to keep baby amused, and she’s just the right size for a baby’s grip. Now, you won’t find Sophie in the $0.99 (or $10) bins, but trust us, the moment of silence is worth the twenty bucks.
You can check the rest here:




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Flying with babies

November 232012

I did fly with my baby (luckily my husband was there too) and it was only a 2,5 hours flight but it’s still very tiring to get on the plane with your baby boy who is only 5 month old. I don’t complain because he was an angel on the plane apart from pooping twice but that’s normal when you have a baby :) Everything went pretty well, he was sleeping during takeoff and landing too so he was a good boy. He didn’t cry at all so all in all our first flight went really well.

I came across this great and very enjoyable article about flying with babies -  it’s hilarious, you should read it too:

Barf. Poop.Pee. Fly.

Those four words about sum up my latest airplane excursion with my two babes. I should clarify: my SOLO airplane excursion. As in, no Phil to help me.

I took Fia and Emmett to New Orleans to visit my Aunt Nancy.  It’s a 4-hour flight. I bought two seats, toddler headphones and an Ipad.

This is the first time I’ve flown with them by myself. In Fia’s first year, we went on about 20 flights. I had it pretty down, but I would never say it was fun. I did think my experience as a veteran would help. But it didn’t. Because I’m not a veteran of flying with two kids.

I got to LAX. I check the boards: Flight Delayed. Of course. It said by 20 minutes. At least we were in the terminal and not on the plane for the delay.

We get breakfast. I am slow moving and calm. A picture of peace and tranquility. We sit down to eat. They are both doing great. I have a moment of clarity. Wow, we are off to a stellar start. I kid you not: at that exact moment, Emmett projectile vomits. I hear a collective gasp. I look over to see a table full of young, single, European men staring at me slack-jawed. I look at Em. As the world’s happiest baby, he is giggling. And covered in goo.

You can read the rest here: 

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