Baby naming laws from around the world

April 262012

Parents want to have a great names for their children but there are some people who wants to give very funny or unique names. I think it’s a good idea that there are baby naming laws in several countries so at least the law can protect children to give them very weird names. Many parents don’t even think about that their children have to live with those names in their entire life. has collected many countries where there are strict laws to name a child:

Denmark: This Scandinavian country has several laws in place in order to protect children from parents trying to be funny or unique in their naming choices. A New York Times article attributes this to the country’s philosophy of “sameness, not uniqueness.” Strict laws require parents seeking to name their child something other than one of the 7,000 government-approved names must get their choice officially approved by Copenhagen University’s Names Investigation Department.

They also mention New Zealand:

This country has a running list of names banned from the official registrar — in 2011, they banned Lucifer after three sets of parents tried to register this name. Also on the list? Messiah, Mr., 89, and C. Additionally, names such as King, Duke, and Judge have been shot down on the basis that they sound too much like titles.

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