Television and babies

March 202013

Watching TV
My son doesn’t watch TV, we play a lot together instead. I’m pretty sure this will change when he is growing but for now I think this is the best. There’s a big debate on whether babies should or shouldn’t watch TV. This article will clarify a couple of things:

Here’s a common scene: You’re trying to make a dent in the growing mountain of laundry. Then, the phone starts ringing. Then, the baby starts crying—and to get a short break, you plop her in front of the TV.

Every parent in the developed world is probably guilty of it, but that still doesn’t make distracting your baby with the tube a great idea. Doctors have long said that tots shouldn’t watch too much television, but not long ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics went a step further and said kids younger than age two shouldn’t watch TV at all.

But what’s the big deal?

Check out the rest of the article: Is TV Bad for Babies?

Here’s another article on this topic, very useful as well:

The first 2 years of your kid is also a critical time for learning language.  Language is only learned through interaction with others, not by passive listening to TV.  If you not respond to your kid’s attempt to communicate, your kid could miss this important milestone.  Also, your kid will not learn to talk by listening to TV characters baby talk or talk down to him.  Your kid learns to talk by mimicking adult language.  He learns from the adults’ simplified but correctly pronounced speech.

Source: Effects of TV on Baby

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