Natural Toys for Creative Play

March 122013

Day 199 - Leon Playing
In these days you can buy so many toys for your baby or for your toddler but the interesting thing is that most of the time the favorite toys are the most simple ones. I’ve already noticed that with my son. He loves cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and last but not least newspapers.

Dana Johnson wrote a really interesting article on this topic, let me share it with you:

Think back for a moment to your childhood. What was your favorite thing to play? What did you pretend for hours on end? When parents are asked this question, almost without exception we discover that our favorite play scenarios were those we created out of our imaginations. We were mommies feeding babies, superheroes with a towel-turned-cape, explorers of our backyards. Grandparents often say they played with what little play materials they had. A simple cloth was a baby blanket, a parachute flyer, and a costume all in one.

You can read the rest here: Natural Toys for Creative Play

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