Flying with babies

November 232012

I did fly with my baby (luckily my husband was there too) and it was only a 2,5 hours flight but it’s still very tiring to get on the plane with your baby boy who is only 5 month old. I don’t complain because he was an angel on the plane apart from pooping twice but that’s normal when you have a baby :) Everything went pretty well, he was sleeping during takeoff and landing too so he was a good boy. He didn’t cry at all so all in all our first flight went really well.

I came across this great and very enjoyable article about flying with babies -  it’s hilarious, you should read it too:

Barf. Poop.Pee. Fly.

Those four words about sum up my latest airplane excursion with my two babes. I should clarify: my SOLO airplane excursion. As in, no Phil to help me.

I took Fia and Emmett to New Orleans to visit my Aunt Nancy.  It’s a 4-hour flight. I bought two seats, toddler headphones and an Ipad.

This is the first time I’ve flown with them by myself. In Fia’s first year, we went on about 20 flights. I had it pretty down, but I would never say it was fun. I did think my experience as a veteran would help. But it didn’t. Because I’m not a veteran of flying with two kids.

I got to LAX. I check the boards: Flight Delayed. Of course. It said by 20 minutes. At least we were in the terminal and not on the plane for the delay.

We get breakfast. I am slow moving and calm. A picture of peace and tranquility. We sit down to eat. They are both doing great. I have a moment of clarity. Wow, we are off to a stellar start. I kid you not: at that exact moment, Emmett projectile vomits. I hear a collective gasp. I look over to see a table full of young, single, European men staring at me slack-jawed. I look at Em. As the world’s happiest baby, he is giggling. And covered in goo.

You can read the rest here: 

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