How to Stop a Crying Baby: Parenting Tips : Infant Massage to Stop a Crying Baby

October 282009

Learn infant massage techniques to soothe a crying baby in this free child care video with parenting tips for newborns and infants.

Expert: Alisha Folkman
Bio: Alisha Folkman is a mother of two and has worked at the Verde Valley Medical Center for nearly five years.
Filmmaker: Dixon Gillette

Duration : 0:0:59

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25 Responses

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  2. MoonAharshMistress Says:

    what you taling …
    what you taling about…most people dont know about best ways to bring up children, its something you taught either from your culture or passed down from parents, or from other people..its not something you just know

  3. julieg1985 Says:

    to the girl that …
    to the girl that said she learned all this stuff when she was 8, well good for you. but some of us are only child and run out of options sometimes…. so before judging ppls parenting skills, get the facts straight, you’re ignorant

  4. MelodiaSeira Says:

    Well I assume the …
    Well I assume the majority of people here are young people who has never got the chance to experience taking care of small infants unlike you. So how are we supposed to know how to take care of a baby unless someone showed us how. It’s not like we are born with such knowledge. This has to be explained to us so we know how to do it properly. I assume that you would perfer a parent accidently hurting their child because they have no knowledge, than being informed and careful.

  5. 0oCRUNKo0 Says:

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    manananabooboo my kids more adorable!

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    whats up

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    so when you were a baby do you hate yourself? cause when you were a baby had a great time biting toy things.

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  13. poroshnyj Says:


  14. Desi4evah Says:

    such an angel!
    such an angel!

  15. DarkandJaded Says:

    I can’t wait to …
    I can’t wait to have my baby.

  16. sadadosa85 Says:

    thats a cute lil …
    thats a cute lil darlin

  17. Angeldust106 Says:

    Or you put your …
    Or you put your baby in a sling!

  18. earthgirl303 Says:

    You have the most …
    You have the most adorable son!!!

  19. zaq1594 Says:

    this works great
    this works great

  20. UKlady2008 Says:

    aww so cute
    aww so cute

  21. greentimmyblueniki Says:

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    and u look like u have aids lady

  22. Wolfiette Says:

    good video five …
    good video five stars all these techniques work for most people =]

  23. Ashli108 Says:

    aww. that baby is …
    aww. that baby is so ADORABLE!

  24. CuddleCakez Says:


  25. loveable6892 Says:

    hes so cute
    hes so cute

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