Where can I get baby food coupons? or for diapers, desitin? Thanks for your help!?

October 92009

I would like to get coupons for Gerber baby food and cereal, pampers, baby wipes, anything for baby, thanks!

Here’s a site that might worth to check it out:

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  1. MeL Says:

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  2. drummerchick_24 Says:

    The best way is to get on Gerber, Pampers, etc. mailing lists. Go to their websites. I get coupons in the mail all the time, sometimes even coupons for ‘free’ items. It’s a great thing. You can also find their 1-800 number on their site, call it and ask if they have a mailing list or if they can send coupons. Most will happily do it.
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    Personal experience. It works!

  3. jpoveda2000 Says:

    The Internet has websites for newborns. just look it up . you can also go into Coupons.com
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  4. lily_evans Says:


    you can get free samples and coupons from enfamil.

    good luck!
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  5. OnThisPage Says:

    The sunday paper. Call the 800 numbers on the products and ask and they will send you some.
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  6. hiiminhere Says:

    On line,or if u shop with ur credit card they will notice that and send you coupons by mail,or better yet the sunday paper.
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  7. kdrck1 Says:

    i would use yahoo
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  8. vml119 Says:

    Online Store Coupon has a great baby coupon section. Just visit the link below.
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  9. Sandra Says:

    Go to momsview.com. They have links to many baby websites.
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  10. CR Says:

    Check the link below, see if you can find the coupons you want.
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  11. summerflowerchild Says:

    Hi, there are coupons for baby items available at http://www.shoppergirlsplace.com/grocerycoupons.php, (these are grocery coupons that you can print) and http://www.shoppergirlsplace.com/babiesonline_coupons.php for free samples, and coupons.

    Also try http://www.verybestbaby.com/ for Great Start formula, and money savings checks

    and https://www.enfamil.com/app/iwp/ConsumerRegisterLoadConsentInfo.do for emfamil. They send up to $60 worth of checks for formula.
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