Frugal tips that our grandparents taught us

May 272011

There are many frugal tips that grandparents can taught their grandchildren. Our grandparents lived in an era when frugal living was a standard. They didn’t have enough money so they had to be frugal; maybe it wasn’t their choice at first place but there was no other way.

They had different tips and tricks how to use things twice and I’m pretty sure that we can still learn from them. I came across this interesting article where readers share their opinion frugal living and frugal tips. Here are a couple of tips that are worth to try:

  • Don’t buy what you won’t use.
  • Turn the light off when you leave the room.
  • Cycle instead of drive.

What are the frugal tips that you learnt from your grandparents?

frugal living tips

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