Frugal parent tips

May 312011

How to be a frugal parent? What are the best tips to be frugal but give everything to your kids?

I came across this site called The Simple Dollar where ultra-frugal parents share their money saving tips. Here they are:

  • Use cloth wipes instead of paper wipes: buy towels at yard sales, wash them, cut them up and use them as cloth wipes. You can use them when you change the diapers or cleaning up faces. You can wash them and re-use them. You’ll save a lot of money and on top of that you protect the planet too.
  • Use different spices: when you make basic food from meat, beans, vegetable or fruit you can make it tastier when you spice it.
  • Buy open-ended and imagination based toys: they cost less and they help your children to use their imaginations.
  • Buy end-rolls of newspaper what you can use as wrapping paper and the kids can draw on it too.
  • Cut their hair at home: when kids are smaller you can cut their hair at home. When they get older they may become picky:)

Read the rest of the frugal parenting tips here >>

frugal parenting

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