How to get free baby stuff for expecting mothers

April 32012

Pregnant Beauty Queen

Are you expecting baby or do you have a friend who does? When you’re pregnant you have to buy loads of things for your baby from baby clothes to diapers. Everything is very expensive but there are always different ways to save some money and try different products before you buy them. Let’s find out hot to get free baby stuff for expecting mothers:

  1. Get in touch with WIC which is a program for Women Infants and Children. It’s a nutritional program that helps low-income mothers with food coupons. This program educate young moms and families how to feed their babies and kids and what their nutritional needs are. There’s of course an income limit to enroll to this program – it always depends on the number of kids you have. The income for eligibility ranges from $20,036 for one person to $68,469 for eight people. You can qualify if you’re:
    - pregnant
    - or breastfeeding.
    How can you use these food coupons: you can buy i.e. vegetables and fruit, grains, peanut butter, milk, cheese, and beans, sometimes soy products too. It won’t cover your monthly grocery budget but it’s a big help when you’re in need.
  2. Contact online communities:
    You can check out different online communities, Babycenter is a great site to get in touch with fellow expecting mothers. When you subscribe to their newsletter you have to give your due date and you’ll get different offers according to this. You’ll be also informed about the latest deals, money saving coupons and parenting tips as well. You can find friends there because everybody’s in the same ship. You can discover of the joy of parenthood together.
  3. Don’t forget about your neighborhood: your neighborhood can be really valuable when it comes to useful things for your baby. There is a site called Freecycle where you can find great things for your baby. Everything that is posted here is free – that’s the main rule. So it won’t cost you a dime to get these things.
    Craigslist is another great site to find used things, they have a section for babies and kids where you can search for freebies.

Usefule tip: when you get something for free never meet people in your home, always choose a public place where you can meet – just to be on the safe side.





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