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January 312012

It’s actually amazing how many companies are willing to give away freebies for moms. I was quite shocked when I noticed first time  that big manufacturers want me to try their products. First I didn’t understand but I figured it out that they only want moms to introduce their baby food, their diapers and different baby products so you likely to buy from them in the future.

There are of course different ways to get freebies for moms – lets check them out how:

  1. First it’s a good idea to make a list what you have to buy to your baby on a regular basis. This list will contain all the most important things like diapers, clothes and baby formula or baby food. In this way you’ll know approximately how much money you’ll spend on these basic things.
  2. Then go online and search for the companies that sell these products. They will send you different samples so you can try them out before you buy – try as many as possible and you won’t end up buying products that your baby doesn’t like or you don’t like.
  3. When you’ve found these baby products search for offers online or in your local baby store. There are actually many offers that you can avail you only have to look for them. These offers are usually printed on the back of the products.
  4. Fill out as many offers as you can by hand or online – it’s up to you. Always give realy name and address otherwise the companies won’t be able to send out free baby samples or freebies for moms. You can also find online surveys which can also help you to get some free baby stuff. Try to fill them out as honestly as possible so your account won’t be marked as spam. After this you’ll get great free baby samples by mail.
  5. You may ask how long does it take to get these samples. Well, it takes a couple of weeks – let’s say 6 weeks at least. Be patient because it’s worth it and you’ll end up with useful baby samples that will help you to save money.

Try these tips and you’ll be amazed that there are companies that will send you freebies. There are no tricks or gimmicks they just want to convince you to try their products and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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