Transitioning baby to solid food

February 92012

Guess who's eating cereal now?!
Transitioning baby to solid food – this is always a dilemma for young moms. It’s hard to decide when to do it but there are of course signs when you feel that your baby needs solid food. Shaina Olmanson who is a mother of four wrote a great article about this topic, she writes:

How do you know when the baby is ready? Look for signs that your baby is ready to start eating solids. Generally this happens between 4 to 6 months of age, and most doctors recommend waiting until 6 months before introducing solid foods.

She also adds:

What should you offer as first foods? You can always buy foods specifically for baby, but I tend to pull out a few steamed vegetables or a piece of soft fruit to mash and puree for baby. I do this before salting or adding spices. A food mill is relatively cheap, and it’s a worthwhile investment if it means you’re not buying prepackaged baby foods all the time. (I tried to limit prepackaged baby foods to when fresh, local organic and in-season produce wasn’t available in the winter or for when we’d be out of the house during mealtime.)

If you want to read more advice from her then check out this great article: Transitioning baby to solid food >>

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