No BPA or other chemicals in baby bottles

October 262011

Parents are fighting against BPA and moms have to be really careful because according to Sarah Janssen from NRDC (Natural Resources Defence Council):

Polycarbonate bottles containing BPA are still legal to sell. I have often worried about what happened to all those polycarbonate baby bottles that were taken off the store shelves. Are they being sold in at a deep discount elsewhere? Were the bottles stocked away in some warehouse and will they re-surface after the “BPA-free” marketing craze ends?  And who is making sure the alternatives are safe?

This is really worrying. She also writes:

My organization, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), filed a petition over three years ago asking the FDA to revoke their approval for the use of BPA in all food contact applications. This included baby bottles and sippy cups. The FDA never responded to that petition and we have had to resort to suing them to get a response. Over the past three years, in the absence of any federal regulation, eleven states (the latest being California), have banned the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. Canada, the European Union and even China, have banned this use of BPA. We, as a nation, are woefully behind in protecting our most vulnerable.

Urge your senators to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act! You can act now!

You can read the rest of the article here >>

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