5 Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

August 42011

I came across this funny article about being pregnant. Although the topic that Una mentions it’s not funny at all but the way she describes the “5 things” is so hilarious.

I just love her style, just have a look at this:

By the time I was six years old, I had given birth multiple times. The way it worked was, I would put on one of my mom’s old silk kimonos (relics from her childless, bohemian days which had since been bequeathed to me for my “dress-up closet,” which was really just an old laundry hamper that our cat, Brassy, liked to pee in), stuff a baby doll up in there, grunt for awhile, and jump up and down until it tumbled out from  between my legs. I would then pound the hard, molded plastic head against my chest in order to “nurse” my newborn. When I got bored, I would toss the baby in the pee basket with the cat and go have a snack. Pregnancy was a breeze. I had it down.

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Pregnant woman

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