25 parenting resolutions for 2012

January 52012

Another year and another great article from my favorite site babble.com. I’ve just read these 25 parenting resolutions that can help you in the New Year. Lets check them out:

Lose 10 pounds. Drink more water. Exercise.

But let’s resolve to change in ways that really matter this year. To change our outlooks, our parenting approaches, our priorities. Not only for ourselves, but for the little eyes watching our every move and idolizing our every action.

 One of the 25 resolutions is power down or moderation, a great advice:

 tech-dependent working parents, the goal should be separating mom time from work time — otherwise you’re not doing either well.

or another brilliant piece of advice:

work on being the person you want your child to be.

I think it’s definitely worth to read this awesome article.

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  1. Bernice@ Diaper Coupons Says:

    It is going to be a very good start of the year to have this kind of article. Especially for moms and dads to just fill in the gap of knowing what to do.

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