Traveling with babies – top tips

September 112012

When you have a newborn baby you probably want to stay at home and you don’t really want to travel with him/her if it’s not really necessary. A new moms knows that a baby requires 24/7 attention, feedings, lots of diaper changes and you’re also worried that your little angel might catch something while traveling.

But when your baby turns 3 months he/she is big enough to travel. Every mom thinks that babies are extremely fragile but this is actually not true. Once you start traveling with your baby early enough it won’t be a big deal later on either. Your baby can’t walk or run around so he/she won’t get into any trouble – it’s actually gonna be a greater challenge later on.

Important Health and Safety tips when you travel with your baby:

  • Prepare a first-aid kit so you’ll have the supplies you need for dealing with minor medical problems while traveling with your baby. Be sure to take along any prescription medications that your baby requires, even if only on occasion. (It’s always when you leave the inhaler at home that your little one has an asthma attack at Grandma’s.)
  • Fill out an emergency sheetcontaining contact names and numbers and your child’s health information, including the names of any medications he takes, so it’s handy if needed.
  • Take a hat for your baby to shade him from the sun in warm weather or keep his head bundled in cool weather. Sunscreen is a must, too, if you’ll be spending time outdoors — no matter what season. Use sunscreen of at least SPF 15, with both UVA and UVB protection. Apply in small amounts to the face and back of hands in babies under 6 months, or more liberally wherever skin is exposed in older babies.
  • In the car, your baby should always ride in the back seat, in a rear-facing car seat — never in a front seat with (or without) a passenger air bag. Before you leave, make sure the car seat is properly installedand that the seat’s belts are correctly threaded. Make sure the harness fits your baby snugly and securely.
  • Get removable shade screens for the car’s side windows — available at baby supply and discount stores — to shield your baby’s eyes from the sun and keep him from getting too hot. Peel-and-stick shades are more secure, and therefore safer, than those that attach with suction cups.
  • Keep your baby as safe as possible when you take public transit(like a bus, train, or taxi) by bringing along a car seat. The car seat will provide some protection even when there are no seat belts to strap it in.
  • If you’ve purchased an airplane seat for your baby, bring an FAA-approved car seat for your child to sit in (this is the safest way for babies to fly). If you haven’t bought a ticket for your baby, you’ll be able to use the car seat only if there are empty seats on board.
These are really great tips to follow – it will help to enjoy traveling with your child.
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