Green pregnancy tips – top 5

August 262012

Do you want to be a green mom-to-be? How can you avoid dangerous pesticides or toxic cleaners? You want the best for your baby even before giving birth then you should really read this great article by Margie Kelly.

It’s quite shocking to know that:

It’s hard to hear, but toxic chemicals like BPA, mercury, and phthalates have been found in the bodies of pregnant women. More than 200 chemicals have been found in umbilical cords from newborn babies. While it’s not possible completely eliminate toxic chemicals from your body, there are steps you can take to reduce chemical exposures for you and your baby.

There are different resources that you can find in the Internet that can help you to be green during your pregnancy: 

I came across another great site that’ll give you tips on green parenting, it’s Keen for Green:

There is no better time to green your lifestyle that during pregnancy. Common pollutants that barely impact you and I  can have a much larger effect on your growing baby, in utero and out. Make these simple changes during pregnancy to establish healthy habits for your kiddo.

Here are some green pregnancy tips:

1. Eat locally grown, organic foods. The fewer pesticides you consume the better.  Organic foods, of course, use organic pesticides. The most common foods to be contaminated by pesticides are fruits and veggies, including peaches, apples, strawberries, spinach, bell peppers, celery, and potatoes. Fruits that come with a tough peel, such as bananas and oranges, are less likely to be contaminated.



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