Co-sleeping with your baby

September 182012

I’m a new mom and I read a  lot about co-sleeping with babies. To be honest I’m a little bit worried when my baby is sleeping with me. My biggest fear is to roll over on him. Although I know there are many moms who do co-sleep with their babies. The following article is really helpful when you decide to co-sleep with your child. There’re og course some safety hazards that you need to consider f.ex. :pillows, loose blankets, soft mattresses.

Check out this great article written by Heather Turgeon:

Both of my babies spent most of the night with me as newborns. They lay swaddled at my side, and I scooted them over to breastfeed and doze – it helped us all sleep. The bassinet worked better after two months, and then on to separate rooms. Even in the toddler years, though, my son occasionally ended up with us if he was sick. In other words, my family, like most, opted for some combination of independent sleep and bed-sharing. You might find that not many people label their family as “co-sleeping,” but that with some probing, it turns out that a good percentage of families actually do tote their little ones to bed once in awhile. The incidence of co-sleeping has been on the rise in the U.S. (and is high throughout the world), with around half of families reporting at least occasional bed-sharing and about a quarter of families making a regular practice of it.

Whether you should co-sleep depends on how it works for you. If your baby, you, and your partner are sleeping well and feeling rested (newborn wakings notwithstanding) and you’re doing it safely, then great. As with most aspects of parenting, there isn’t one right way. But here are some points to consider when you’re trying to find the right sleep arrangements for your family.

Do you co-sleep with your baby? What’s your opinion?


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