Are you also fed up with pregnancy health guidelines?

August 312012

Probably I’m not alone who is also fed up with crazy pregnancy health guidelines. There are so much controversies in the world of pregnancy. It’s hard to decide what to believe in. Can a pregnant woman eat salmon or can you go to the gym as many times as before your pregnancy? How much a pregnant woman can eat? There are so many questions to answer.

You want the best for your unborn baby and we also want the best for ourselves. It’s really important to face these questions but who can answer them. I came across this great article on and I want to share it with you because it’s worth to read.

Let’s face it: We’d all be hard-pressed to find a pregnant woman who doesn’t want what’s best for their unborn baby. And I think we’d all agree that we try to take the best care of ourselves when pregnant – even more so than any other time in our lives.

ut it seems no one, not even the researchers and doctors, can agree on what’s best. The conflicting health guidelines are enough to completely stress you out. But don’t stress out: It’s bad for the baby!

So what are we left to do? I say laugh. I don’t think there’s been a study yet that says laughing is bad…

After the jump, check out 9 Conflicting Pregnancy Health Guidelines That Will Drive You Mad. And remember to take it all with a grain of salt – but just one grain, because too much salt is bad for you.

Yoga is Good For You!
Except for those Dangerous Poses! Yoga can seriously help alleviate prenatal stress, and is a favorite form of exercise among many expecting moms. But be careful with what poses you do, because not all are safe



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