Parenting Tips for Healthy Kids : Healthy Snacks for Kids

November 182009

Healthy nutrition is important for your children. Get tips for making healthy snacks in this free video series about keeping your kids mentally and physically healthy.

Expert: Denise Urban
Bio: Denise has a B.A. in psychology and two Masters degrees. She is an LPC(Licensed Professional Counselor).
Filmmaker: Travis Waack

Duration : 0:1:48

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6 Responses

  1. lsoots Says:

    Fantastic- what you …
    Fantastic- what you have on that plate looks to be an average cost of $5?=$150/month. How would a low income family be able to do this? How about asking the government to make healthy foods available at a reasonable cost? You all can play the blame game all you want but the bottom line is that if single mom X has $900 a month for herself and 3 kids. $300 will be groceries- do the math

  2. ilikecornalot123 Says:

    im a kid and i …
    im a kid and i wanna eat healthy but im hungry so im watching recipe vids lol

  3. BluHeelerz08 Says:

    Take advantage of …
    Take advantage of ur metabolism! JK EAT UR BROCOLLI OR ULL DIE XD

  4. ziKaMina72 Says:

    I can’t believe …
    I can’t believe parents have had to try so hard to get their kids to eat healthy foods. Yes, I will admit that when I was a kid I loved to eat junk food. But my parents would always make me eat healthy foods and snacks and they didn’t even need to try to make me eat it or force me to eat it. So my question is: Is it the parents faults that their kids are overweight??

  5. dassbottzero Says:

    PLEASE DONT READ THIS you will die in seven days if you dont post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do tomorrow will be the best day of your life

  6. hawkfan1521 Says:

    Lots of good, …
    Lots of good, practical advice. Thanks.

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