How to Stop a Crying Baby: Parenting Tips : Stop & Calm Infant Colic

November 32009

Ways to stop a crying baby; learn how to soothe a crying baby with infant colic in this free child care video with parenting tips for newborns and infants.

Expert: Alisha Folkman
Bio: Alisha Folkman is a mother of two and has worked at the Verde Valley Medical Center for nearly five years.
Filmmaker: Dixon Gillette

Duration : 0:1:9

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25 Responses

  1. ooozuh Says:

    My spouse & i …
    My spouse & i desperately want a child. However, we purposely will not conceive because there is a chance that once grown, our child may feel I would have preferred non-existence. There, I would have remained safe from all harm.” Also, any harm would be our fault. If we had not conceived the child the harm would not have occurred. Do many others think this way?

  2. BabyBrianna2000 Says:

    I can’t beleive …
    I can’t beleive there actually people who come here just to write dirty comments about babies i mean if u don’t wanna listen to baby advises just DON’T watch that danm video, simple as that. God there’s haters everywhere unbeleivable. I mean get a freaking life. If u dnt know how to make a constructive and usefull comment than just don’t write anything.

  3. salomon109 Says:

    You know a Mother …
    You know a Mother told a Doctor that and the Doctor told her to put her breast in the baby’s mouth and then the mother started lactation. So, it might be because the mother hasn’t learned to.

  4. julieg1985 Says:

    what about the …
    what about the mothers that CAN’T breastfeed?

  5. thatgirlkelly1 Says:

    I heard Baby Orajel …
    I heard Baby Orajel works but I am not sure. You could also put their teething toys in the freezer for a bit, and let it warm up and than give it to them to naw on. That could help too. My cousin would use her finger to massage her daughters gums when she would cry… She said that worked too.

  6. GrandMasterKai Says:

    these nasty …
    these nasty comments are wrote by dirty muslims sick how they raise kids

  7. salomon109 Says:

    She did not mention …
    She did not mention Breast Feeding. That would work,, NO?

  8. the0csalev Says:

    That baby is really …
    That baby is really cute.

  9. hmnun08 Says:

    a pillow also does …
    a pillow also does miracles

  10. Zaekk Says:

    “Murder is fine as …
    “Murder is fine as long as you don’t procreate,” your message is worse than his because he was just kidding around. I don’t know why people can’t detect sarcasm based jokes or dead pan jokes very well…

  11. jrjr143 Says:

    the best way to …
    the best way to shut the little crybabys up is DUCT TAPE!!!!!

  12. agentx250 Says:

    these comments are …
    these comments are really quite disturbing. moving on, that baby is so cute!

  13. NintendoXXL Says:

    attention: your …
    attention: your ugly face is scaring the poor baby

  14. arronthompson9 Says:

    Whats red and white …
    Whats red and white and sits at the bottom of a swimming pool?

    A baby with burst armbands

  15. Terri3210 Says:

    7 week old infant …
    7 week old infant had 7weeks of colic and acid reflux
    The formula was switched many times
    The last formula was Triple Heart Smart it tripled the infants pain .

    Finally MIRACULOUSLY she was put on

    (((((((SIMILAC SENSITIVE)))))))

    Stop the pain.with SIMILAC SENSITIVE

  16. threadysparrow Says:


  17. threadysparrow Says:

    well as long as …
    well as long as they are dead then its ok

  18. bbbbbb222222 Says:

    I just had a baby.. …
    I just had a baby… it was delicious

  19. threadysparrow Says:

    bbbbbb222222 you …
    bbbbbb222222 you should never have kids. your kids are going to grow up up like you

  20. yunakelis Says:

    To all parents do …
    To all parents do you know what LOLICON is? find out and be informed. On my channel under advocate videos. Sorry to advertise I’m just getting the word out. It

  21. bbbbbb222222 Says:

    If you pee on babys …
    If you pee on babys they wont remember it when they grow up

  22. LordLanceJH Says:


  23. stupidfatbabies Says:

    I just slap my baby …
    I just slap my baby or choke him til he’s unconscious…that shuts him up

  24. darwin328 Says:

    Or try to give him …
    Or try to give him a warm bath that always work with my son’s. When they get cranky & i cant stop them from crying when i’ve done everything that i know that’s what i do i just give them a warm bath.

  25. darwin328 Says:

    mostly colics goes …
    mostly colics goes away when they turn 3 or 4 month’s. Try to put him/her in your chest where she can feel your skin & hear your heartbeat while rubbing his back. sometimes babies just missed their environment inside the womb. I learned the hard way from my 1st baby. Hope it works for you as it did to me.

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